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Cindy Gerard

Author of “SEALed With a Kiss” in SEAL of My Dreams

What an exciting week!  SEAL of My Dreams, a collection of short stories written by 18 romance authors, is officially released on Veteran’s Day, Friday, November 11th.  I can’t think of a more fitting release date since all the proceeds from the collection go to funding veterans’ medical research. Our charity is dedicated to helping servicemen and servicewomen of all branches of the military.  And our SEAL on the cover was the impetus for the book.

Christie Ridgway and her pal Allison Kent saw his photograph on line in a major newspaper.  Yes, this SEAL is the real deal, people.  The photo was taken in Fallujah, Iraq in 2007 as he prepared for an op, but was printed last spring after the Bin Laden operation.  In any event, Christie tweeted the photo, many ohs and ahs ensued :o) and the kernel of an idea took root.  “Wouldn’t it be great if we could use this photo on the cover of a book full of stories about SEALs and give the proceeds from the book’s sale to a favorite military charity?”  Yup.  It was that simple and that fast.  Feelers went out and in no time 18 of us were on board – all happily and proudly contributing our time and talent to writing these stories.

Wonder of wonders we all finished our books by October 1st (no mean feat considering most of us have contract obligations that we also needed to fulfill), Belle Books stepped up to the plate and offered to publish it for us and the rest is history.  At least it will be once the dust clears. :o)

It’s a great cause, everyone.  And the stories in the collection are dynamite!  I hope you’ll all step up to the plate as well, buy a copy for yourself – heck – buy another copy for a buddy for Christmas or just because you love them – and in the process contribute to this worthy, worthy cause.

To learn more about SEAL of My Dreams and how it came about, about our charity and to read snippets from ALL the stories, just pop over to www.sealofmydreams.com.  And when you’re done there, hop on over to Amazon where you can buy the book in either e-book format or Trade Paperback. http://www.amazon.com/SEAL-My-Dreams-Cindy-Gerard/dp/1611940516/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1320691364&sr=1-1

It’s also available at Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/seal-of-my-dreams-cindy-gerard/1106851534?ean=9781611940510&itm=1&usri=seal%252bof%252bmy%252bdreams

If any of you have any questions about my story in particular, SEALed With A Kiss, that features Luke Colter and Valentina from With No Remorse, or about any of my upcoming projects, I’ll be happy to answer.  Also happy to answer any other questions you might have about SEAL of My Dreams.

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Cindy Gerard is a New York Times, Publisher’s Weekly and USA Today Bestseller. She’s a six-time RITA finalist and is proud to display two RITAs in her office. Cindy writes fast, sexy, action-adventure romantic suspense featuring former Spec Ops warriors and is proud to count many military families among her readers. LAST MAN STANDING, book 7 of her award winning Black Ops series, is available in February, 2012. Find all of Cindy’s books at www.cindygerard.com.



 Cindy will be giving away 1 ARC (advanced reading copy) of LAST MAN STANDING – book 7 of her New York Times best selling Black Ops Inc series – to one commenter who pledges to buy a copy of SEAL of My Dreams – strictly an honor system :o) LAST MAN STANDING will not be released until January 31, 2012, so this is a true early bird giveaway and a rare opportunity to read LMS long before the book is released.


*Giveaway 1 is closed and the winner is being notified by email*


 We will be giving away 4 Kindle copies of SEAL of My Dreams this week. We will have multiple author guest blogs every day and every comment made is an entry in the giveaway. Winners will be drawn on Sunday. Good luck !:D

*Please remember that these are Kindle copies and be aware of any geo restrictions that may apply.

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Coming Veteran’s Day – 11/11/11

All proceeds pledged to the Veterans Research Corporation a non-profit foundation supporting veterans medical research

SEAL of My Dreams is now available for preorder digitally at Amazon, and available for preorder in print at Amazon, , and Bell Bridge Books.






Loreth Anne White

Author of “Letters To Ellie” in SEAL of My Dreams


Lest we forget …


In 2006, three days after the 65th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, I stood, not far from the harbor, in Ala Moana Boulevard. It was 5 AM, dark, the Hawaiian air warm and rounded against my skin.


I stood among 29 000 people, almost 22 000 of them Japanese who’d flown to Hawaii especially for this day. At my side were US servicemen. The camaraderie was palpable, the atmosphere electric. We were waiting to start a marathon.


I wondered if the air had felt similarly rounded and warm on that dark December morning 65 years earlier as Japanese fighters droned toward the island. And as fireworks suddenly exploded into the air, time sort of doubled in on itself. The start gun sounded and we were off, a sea of runners united, the only battle ahead would be with our own minds and bodies. It was an emotional moment for me.


I’d wanted to run this race that started near Pearl Harbor, and to run it alongside US servicemen and so many Japanese, because it seemed to bring things full circle—the Pearl Harbor attack had shaped my family.


My grandparents were living in Indonesia when Japan bombed Oahu. My mother was two years old at the time, my aunt eight. The attack precipitated the war in the Pacific. My grandfather joined the army and was later captured, escaped, recaptured, and was tortured. My mother, aunt, and grandmother were placed in concentration camps for the duration of the war. My grandmother died of malnutrition in that camp—she passed away at 4 AM on July 17, 1945, less than a month before the US dropped the bombs that ended the war.


Her coffin was open, and made of bamboo. Cotton wool pads had been placed on her eyes, and she was dressed in a simple maroon petticoat. My aunt and mother stood besides the coffin as someone sung a hymn. My aunt was 14 by then, and she wondered why they hadn’t tried to make her deceased mother look a bit nicer. The coffin was then placed on an ox wagon driven by an Indonesian. A Japanese soldier followed behind on a bicycle. My gran was buried outside the camp. Her grave is still there, under a big tree.


The irony of war is not lost on me. While so many were devastated by those atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, without them I would not be here today. Shortly before the atomic bombs were dropped, Emperor Hirohito of Japan had apparently ordered all those in the camps be killed. The bombs saved my mother and aunt. They saved my grandfather from also dying of beriberi. He was finally reunited with his children. (My uncle was trapped in Holland during the war. He’d been sent to school there, and never saw his mother again). My grandfather emigrated to South Africa with his children to try and build a new life as a single father.


These are things I think of on Remembrance, or Veterans Day.


I think also of my father-in-law who was sent on a ship from England to South Africa at age 14, along with so many other British War orphans. He never returned to live in England, nor did he see his father again. He learned to fly in a Tiger Moth, flew in the Korean War, and retired as a Major. And if he had not been put on that ship during WWII, I might never have met my husband in Cape Town so many years later.


I think also of all those men and women who’ve made profound sacrifices in the name of country. War has consequence, and sometimes our heroes don’t come back. Sometimes they come home broken and need support, and love. We must not forget them, even as years pass. SEAL of MY Dreams is one small way of giving back, honoring, remembering, and I was more than honored to participate. My story, LETTERS TO ELLIE, is about POWs—one who came home, and one who didn’t. And it’s about the power of love, and not forgetting.


How about you? Who do you choose to remember on Veterans Day?


BTW—that marathon was a killer!





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  We will be giving away 4 Kindle copies of SEAL of My Dreams this week. We will have multiple author guest blogs every day and every comment made is an entry in the giveaway. Winners will be drawn on Sunday. Good luck! 😀


*Please remember that these are Kindle copies and be aware of any geo restrictions that may apply.

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