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G’day. You lot wanna have a chin-wag with me ‘bout spinning a yarn set Down Under? And how write’n Stral isn’t exactly a piece of piss? (Translation: Hello. Would you like me to talk to you about telling a story set in Australia? And how capturing the essence of Australian isn’t exactly easy?)


Let me start this again. Heya, everyone. If you don’t know me already, I’m Lexxie Couper, one of the authors about to take you on a tour of Bandicoot Cove, the most luxurious island resort you can find in Tropical Australia. I’m also the only born-and-bred Aussie in the group. Those that do know me are likely to know one very important thing: I’m a very very proud Aussie. Okay, so I don’t usually speak like the above. In all honesty I don’t remember the last time I used “chin-wag” in general conversation but I do talk “Stral” (or Strine) much more than the average city Australian (I grew up in the country, on the fringe of what most of the world refers to as the Outback). So when Viv (a Canadian) and Jess (an Aussie via South Africa) and I decided to write a series set Down Under, I knew we were going to have some fun with the “Aussie-ness” of it all.


And we did.


Did you know Aussies say “See ya later” when saying “Goodbye”? Or “How ya going?” when saying hello and asking someone of their day? These are little things that will slip by most non-Aussie but they make a world of difference to the “feel” of a story (or in our case, stories) set in Australia. It was my job to make sure Bandicoot Cove truly captured the unique magic of a Down Under setting and I had a ball.


You would never have an Aussie say “How you doing?” and the word “ass” is used only to describe a type of donkey. Little things that make a bloody big difference. Aussie men rarely think of their penises as “cocks” for instance. For them, it’s a “dick”. Aussie men will often “shout” their mates. This doesn’t mean raise their voices at their friends, it means buy them a drink. On the flip side of this, the rest of the world still seems to think we Aussies use terms like “sheilas” (we don’t) and that the only beer we drink Down Under is Fosters (it isn’t. In fact, real Aussies rarely drink Fosters. The beer of choice Down Under is, like the rest of the world, very regional.)


Aussie men will rarely hug another man, not even their father or brother. Aussie men rarely show affection for their mates—in fact, it is quite often the opposite: the bigger the insult the more your mate respects you. Case in point, when Mason (Paradise Found) says “Aidan (Tropical Sin), you bloody bastard, you turned your mobile phone off.” what he’s really saying is, “Aidan my friend, you switched off your cell phone.” See? Simple. Want to tell your friend you think he’s great, insult him. However, there are exceptions as Viv and Jess found out. I remember Viv and I having a conversation about the term “dickless wonder” and it’s use (for those wanting to know, this is NOT a complimentary term, so it pretty much contradicts the bigger insult/more respect rule. But I must admit, when I sent back the first read-through of Viv’s manuscript with lots of corrections on her “Aussie-isms” I was worried she was never going to speak to me again. (She did, cause she’s bloody lovely)


Australians don’t compliment each other often and when we do, it’s with such a dry sense of affection it comes off sounding like sarcasm. This can very easily get lost in translation so when I kept telling Viv and Jess their ideas and stories were “hideous” and “horrible” I had to quickly tell them I loved their stories so much I hated them which I also had to quickly translate to “I love you two and your stories are amazing” *grin* And you know what, I do love them. Writing this series with Viv and Jess has been an amazing experience and one that made me realize more than anything else that, while an Australian and a Canadian and a South African may hale from different parts of the world, when it comes to friends, we couldn’t be any closer together. Especially when visiting Bandicoot Cove…


Four stories, one setting, friends and lovers—Bandicoot Cove.


Tropical Sin, by Lexxie Couper

It takes more than a rock star to rock your world. Sometimes you need a friend.

Bandicoot Cove, Book 3

McKenzie Wood is Australia’s star gossip mag journalist, and she’s just spied the story of a lifetime: rumor-shrouded rock star, Nick Blackthorne—who thinks he’s incognito at Bandicoot Cove resort. The word is Nick’s a sex addict about to come out of the closet, and who better to lure Nick out than her BFF, Aiden Rogers—a pulse-poundingly gorgeous firefighter who is always there when she needs him, no matter the challenge.

Aiden admits it’s pretty damned pathetic that he can rush into burning buildings, but not have the guts to tell McKenzie he’s in love with her. No way can he tell his best friend he’d like to do some seriously sinful things to her, especially since she’s never shown one iota of sexual interest.

Nick looks forward to some “unfamous” downtime in his home country. He’s surprised to find his creative muse stirred—more like brought to rigid attention—by a couple so sexy that all he can think about is the three of them. Together.

Three bodies move together as one, and the music becomes a smoldering beat that rivals the island’s heat. When the truth inevitably comes out, the heat might be enough to save three souls…or end up just another sinner’s lament.

Warning: One plus one plus one equals OMG sex, are-you-freaking-kidding-me orgasms and some serious mind-blowing climaxes.


A big thank you to Lexxie for joining us today!

To find out more about Lexxie, please visit www.lexxiecouper.com. And for a chance to win a book from Lexxie’s backlist, just leave a comment below. Good luck! 😀


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