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Growing up poor, Christopher Richardson had vowed he’d be rich and powerful someday, a true member of the Texas Cattleman’s Club. But seeing

Macy Reynolds, his hometown’s golden girl, makes him realize she’s the real reason he’d worked so hard to make his fortune.

Macy is shocked to find Christopher back in Royal. He’d left years before the accident that had changed her life–and her face.The millionaire’s renewed interest in her is flattering. But does Christopher truly want her…or is she just a pawn in his latest agenda?




My latest release from Harlequin Desire is The Rebel Tycoon Returns. It is the second book in the Texas Cattleman’s Club (a long-running Desire mini-series). Macy and Chris both grew up in Royal, Texas and if I learned anything from the five years I spent living in Texas its that life there is different. Macy was the head cheerleader, beauty queen who only had to whisper a desire and her father gave it to her. Chris was the son of a wildcatter from the wrong side of the tracks but he had the smarts, the good looks and the football playing skills to wow Macy and for a short time she and Chris were one hot item. But then Macy in her shallowness dumped him because he didn’t have enough money to run in her circles. But that’s the past and present day Macy is dealing with body image issues and Chris has more money than Midas.


These characters were so much fun for me to write because I share something in common with each of them. The first one is Macy and I have battled my entire life with my weight and have been heavy and thin by different turns but it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside, inside I always feel like the fat girl. Macy’s issue is beauty because she was once a beauty queen but a horrible car accident left her scarred and though her daddy’s money paid for the best plastic surgeons so that she is that pretty girl once again–Macy still sees the scars when she looks at herself.


For Chris he grew up poor–something i did as well. And though he has enough money to hold his own with the wealthiest residents of Royal, he still feels he’s lacking and that makes him just a bit arrogant and edgy being back home.


In both of these characters cases they are dealing with not feeling like the people they present to the world. That’s something I think many of us deal with everyday. I’m not sure about you, but I always try to look the part when I leave my house. If I’m doing an “author event” I like to look like a successful writer. If I’m going to a PTA function, well then I try to look like the picture perfect mom and the burden of looking right falls to my husband and kids as well. But at home is the only place that I’m really me. Crazy curly Medusa hair, jeans and a ruffly blouse (its odd how much I love ruffles!)


What about you? Do you wear a “mask” in public? Where do you feel most comfortable?


A big thank you to Katherine for joining us today!

To find out more about Katherine and her books, please visit www.katherinegarbera.com.

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