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Injured in the line of duty, Young Corinthian agent Marcus Maxwell, the Earl of Weston, travels to his country estate to recover—or so he believes. His superior’s request that he investigate a smuggling ring run by Napoleon sympathizers seems ridiculous at first, but then becomes all-too threatening as pieces of a treacherous puzzle begin to fall into place. And the most troubling piece of all is Miss Sarah Tisdale, an unconventional beauty whose lust for life is rivaled only by her ability to drive Marcus to distraction. When her family comes under suspicion, Marcus must watch her very, very closely…even if her touch ignites the deep, fiery desire burning just beneath his cool façade.

When it comes to suitors, Sarah’s lush curves and perfectly kissable lips aren’t enough to compensate for her outspoken and willful nature. Sarah’s tasted disappointment before, and she long ago decided that she’s better off without an overbearing husband. Still, flirting with the sinfully handsome Marcus is a pastime worth savoring—even when it leads to wicked pleasures. But when Sarah’s life is in jeopardy, Marcus discovers that the fire between them can no longer be denied—and that he’ll do anything to keep her in his arms.


I’ve had a number of people ask where I get my story ideas. And that’s a really good question! The idea for my first book, The Devil in Disguise, hit me at the gym. Actually, to be more specific, the hero William Randall’s face landed in my brain with all the force of a 100 pound weight while I labored on the elliptical. As for the second book, The Angel in My Arms? Well, it continues the Young Corinthians’ adventures, so there were threads that needed to be woven throughout the new story. And agent Marcus Maxwell, the Earl of Weston, and his endearing horse Pokie had captured my heart when I wrote about them in Devil. I knew that I wanted to create a happily ever after for the dashing though damaged YC. But where? And with whom?

Enter one Miss Sarah Tisdale—although, in all honesty, it was Sarah’s dog Titus and his memorable first meeting with Marcus that captured my attention. I was walking my own dogs and passed an enormous bull mastiff on our route. He was magnificent. So large, and strong, and soft, and drooly. Perfect character material! And just what sort of person would own a mastiff in Regency times? One would think a lord, yes? Which is why I made it a miss, and the rest, as they say, is history. Well, it is after a run-in with smugglers, a cache of priceless emeralds are dealt with, and Marcus and Sarah manage to stop arguing long enough to realize that they’ve fallen in love.

And my third installment in the series, The Sinner Who Seduced Me? I was pining for Paris, but I’ll save that story for the book’s release date. See, story ideas come from absolutely everywhere—and, everything and everyone, apparently. You’ve just got to be ready for them. And a pen and paper on hand is pretty convenient too.

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