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Jessica Taggart came west seeking adventure, and no hard-drinking, easy-living rogue like Jake Weston was going to stop her from finding it. Event if it meant being his partner in the Tin Angel, the most notorious brothel on the Barbary Coast. Even if she had to resist his determined seduction when all she really wanted was to melt in his arms.

Jake had no intention of sharing the Tin Angel with some high society, know-it-all-female from Boston. But Jessica’s beauty, spirited independence, and sensual, responsive nature made him want to swear off other women forever.

And when Jessie proceeded to get shipwrecked, kidnapped, and almost killed, Jake swore to do whatever was necessary to keep her safe─whether she wanted his help or not.


Something new is happening for me this month….the re-issue of an old western romance, one of earliest novels, TIN ANGEL. What makes it different is that this is the only book my husband (a western author of more than 25 books) and I ever wrote together.

In the story, when her father dies, beautiful and strong-willed Jessica Taggart, born and raised in Boston, travels all the way to San Francisco to help manage the Tin Angel, the business willed to her by her late father. There she meets the ruggedly handsome, arrogant and domineering Jake Weston, her father’s partner and now Jessie’s, a man hell-bent on proving she can’t handle the job and determined to force her to sell him her share of the Tin Angel.

Not the restaurant Jessie believes when she leaves Boston, but the most notorious whore house on the Barbary Coast.

I had such fun writing this book, a story they called at the time, A Moonlighting set in the West, after the Bruce Willis, Cybil Shepard TV show. Having never collaborated on a book, we decided that Larry would write Jake’s point of view, and I would write Jessie’s. Jake starts by writing a series of letters to Jessie, telling her not to come West, that he will buy her out and send her the money. Jessie writs back, telling him in no uncertain terms that she is leaving Boston on the next train to California.

Neither of us knew how the other would respond to the pages we were handed. We just rolled with the punches and had a heckuva lot of fun as we worked.

The story ended up being very different from what I usually write and since it’s a sexy romance, way, way different from what my husband usually writes.

It’s only available in print from Amazon, but it has a fabulous new cover, and it’s available in all e-book formats.

It you’re ready to read something just for fun, I hope you’ll give TIN ANGEL a try. And we both hope you enjoy it.

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Very best wishes, Kat and L.J. Martin


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A big thank you to Kat for joining us today!

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