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Once their love was under wraps. Now it’s burning up the sheets.

Three months ago, Megan Carlton had the world on a string. That was before the man she loved took over her family’s hotel business and wiped out a family fortune it had taken generations to build. And before she caught him kissing another woman.

Her only solace: the secrecy of their affair saved the family from public scandal, and kept her embarrassment private. Meanwhile, with a mountain of self-confidence to rebuild, she trades her Manolos and late-night parties for coffee-stained sneakers and early morning barista shifts.

Brandon Knight had everything he ever wanted—then the woman of his dreams disappeared without one word of explanation. When he finds Megan serving coffee, he wonders if the socialite is suffering from amnesia. A hot venti to the chest proves she recognizes him. But she’s got the situation—and him—all wrong. All he has to do now is prove it.

Warning :: Samhain Publishing cannot be held responsible for any characters harmed by flying handbags, improper use of a door or the misguided application of hickies. All activities involving lingerie, towels or ice cream are to be executed with extreme caution.


All right, I’ll admit it. I love reality TV. It’s all about the shopping. I love watching people with too much money spend it. Give me a celebutant – Aubrey, Audrina, Paris, Kim – I’ll watch her reality show while I chase dust bunnies and toddlers, no problem. But then…these girls got me thinking.

There are trust fund babies that you only hear about in whispers when they do something amazing. Lauren Bush does fantastic charity work…yet we only hear when she models or gets engaged. And yet, no matter what she does, everyone expects her to simple stand still and look pretty.

That’s where Megan came from, a girl to whom much was given, and so she constantly gave until everything was taken away. Under the umbrella of suspicion and without a dime to her name, Megan has to start over from rock bottom.

Not the liveliest place to start a story, but Megan has enough sass and spunk to keep most situations in perspective! No matter what, she’ll never let anyone be in the driver’s seat of her life again, even if the man she loves to hate is offering her a platinum path back to Beverly Hills.


A big thank you to Jenna for joining us today!

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