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It had been more than two years since Cam Stern’s memorable affair with Becca Tuntenstall. And upon seeing her again, the club owner realized the heat still burned between them. He had to pursue her. This time, he would get to know her better…perhaps even take things beyond the bedroom.

But Becca had been keeping a secret— they had a son. Suddenly Cam’s plan was no longer clear. He wanted to be part of his child’s life. But was he prepared to forge a relationship with the woman who had deceived him?



One thing that I didn’t realize before I became a mom was how much having a child would change my life. And that was the inspiration for REUNITED…WITH CHILD. Becca gets pregnant after a week long, red-hot affair with Cam Stern. When the week is over so is there relationship and its only after she’s walked away that she realizes she’s going to have his child.

For Becca the decision to keep her baby changes every aspect of her life. Her boss is one of Cam’s best-friends so Becca makes the decision to leave her job and start her own company. She is forced to go from being a career-minded woman to a mom. Something she doesn’t regret, but when Cam comes back into her life she wonders if hiding her pregnancy from him was a wise move.

I pride myself on being honest so I like to think I’d never get into a situation like this, but I realize there are times when I haven’t said something to someone and then later on it becomes a sort of lie. I don’t like that feeling but sometimes its almost too late to say something, you know?

Has this ever happened to you? Its not that you wanted to lie but that you got backed into by not saying something?

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Many thanks to Katherine for joining us today!

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