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Look at the pretty that was posted today on Vivian Arend‘s website! I love this series and Samhain Publishing has done a spectacular job on these covers.


MAY 17, 2011

Love speaks volumes without a single word

Pacific Passion, Book Three

In the months they’ve traveled together, Laurin Marshall and Matt Jentry’s attraction has grown beyond spectacular sexual passion to into a deeper emotional connection. Still, Laurin wrestles with one last question: how a water shifter and an air shifter can possibly find permanent common ground.

Matt is content to wait patiently for Laurin to realize he has no desire to change her sky-borne nature. Until a giant golden eagle touches down on the Stormchild and tips the delicate balance of more than just the boat.

Laurin’s obvious affection for the newcomer comes as a shock. And so does the flash of jealousy that interferes with his shamanic ability to heal the man’s malady. While Matt struggles to balance his conflicted responsibilities, Laurin attempts to reconcile her undeniable feelings for one of her kind with her desire for Matt.

Somewhere between the ocean depths and the mountaintops, they need to find a love strong enough to call them both home to the Stormchild.

Warning: Familiar lovers (hot) with old rivals (hotter) and a wild curse-melting ménage (hottest yet). Get ready for one exotic paranormal that will make you look to the skies and sea with longing.


Now let’s have a look at all of them together…*happy sigh*

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Cindy L

wins a copy of BLOOD STAINS by Sharon Sala



wins a copy of MERCILESS  by Mary Burton


Yadira A

wins a digital copy of ONE ON ONE by Cathryn Fox



wins a copy of AGAINST THE FIRE by Kat Martin


Congratulations to all the winners! You have 48 hours to claim your prizes.

Maureen and Cybercliper, please email Mad at mad at romancereaderatheart dot com.

Cindy and Yadira, please email me at lillie80 at gmail dot com.

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