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No Pity

Each skeleton is flawless—gleaming white and perfectly preserved, a testament to his skill. Every scrap of flesh has been removed to reveal the glistening bone beneath. And the collection is growing…

No Compassion

When bleached human bones are identified as belonging to a former patient of Dr. James Dixon, Detective Malcolm Kier suspects the worst. Dixon was recently acquitted of attempted murder, thanks to defense attorney Angie Carlson. But as the body count rises, Kier is convinced that Angie is now the target of a brutal, brilliant psychopath.

No Escape

Angie is no stranger to the dark side of human nature. But nothing has prepared her for the decades-long legacy of madness and murder about to be revealed—or a killer ready to claim her as his ultimate trophy…


Who’d have thought an ex-con and a cop would be so perfect for each other? At first glance Angie Carlson and Malcolm Kier my hero and heroine in MERCILESS seem to be total opposites. She’s a defense attorney who successfully defended a ruthless killer and he is a homicide detective. How could they possible find happily ever after? Because under all the bravado, beat the hearts of two people who are quite similar.


I know this because when I’m building a character I often like to take the Myers-Briggs personality test on their behalf. I learned of this trick from writer Marless Melton who spoke at a Virginia Romance meeting a few years ago about Myers-Briggs and character building. I discovered that it’s fun to run down the questions and figure out how a character would respond.


When I took the test for Detective Malcolm Kier, my hero in MERCILESS, he scored out as an ESTJ (Extrovert, Sensing, Thinking and Judging). Without going into a long explanation, an ESTJ lands in the Guardian/Supervisor group. This means Garrison focuses on the outside world versus the inner self; he values facts above intuition; he uses logic before feeling; and he likes to be the one making the decision. He is a take-charge, live in the moment, clear vision of right and wrong kind of guy.


Angie Carlson, the heroine of MERCILESS is also a Guardian but she scores as a Nurturer. She is an ISFJ (Introverted, Sensing, Feeling and Judging). Like Kier she values facts and likes to be the decision maker (SJ) but she is more attuned to her inner self and values feelings over logic (IF).


Guardians like Angie and Malcolm are searching for a person to share their life with and are seeking a partner that will not only fill their romantic needs but also be a helpmate. ESTJ’s and ISFJ’s are considered to be two halves of the same whole.


So, you might be wondering where the sparks are going to be if Angie and Malcolm are so much alike? Believe me, being a defense attorney and a cop have had a real impact on them and shaped how they present themselves to the world.


Do you know your personality type? A quick Internet search will give you all kinds of sites loaded with tests and information on the Myers-Briggs personalities. It’s great fun!



Mary Burton captivates readers with stories of mystery, crime and relationships–destined to keep readers on the edge of their seats. Her February 2011 book MERCILESS is a romantic suspense set in Virginia. When she’s not writing her latest novel, she is most definitely in the kitchen cooking.


For more information on Mary Burton, please visit her website at www.maryburton.com. And for a chance to win a copy of MERCILESS, leave a comment below. Good luck! 😀


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