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Eliza Farrell, the heroine of my debut historical romance, Lord Lightning, which was just released on September 28, is a Regency era astrologer who reads the chart of an anonymous stranger and interprets it as being that of a man who was born to love. Unfortunately for her, those who know the man’s identity take this as proof she’s a fraud, for the chart is that of a well known libertine, famed for his cold heart and the love of shocking behavior that has earned him the nickname Lord Lightning.

Eliza’s trust in her astrological insight gives her faith that Lord Lightning is not what he appears, though as the story unfolds that belief is sorely tested.  When people ask me how I got the idea for this tale, I have to tell them it is autobiographical. Though I was not abducted by the hero of my own romance, as Eliza was by hers, my understanding of my real life hero’s astrological chart helped us get through some real difficulties early in our relationship.

That’s because, my real life hero, just like Lord Lightning, has an astrological chart dominated by an aspect even a beginning astrologer would read as meaning that his character was formed by an uncomfortable relationship with his mother. And, just as you will see is the case with the sardonic Lord Lightning, this aspect made him wary of letting a woman get close to him and led to him indulge in outrageous behaviors that would have driven away a woman unable to see the good things revealed by his astrological chart.

Fortunately, I’d  been I’ve been a student of astrology since my teens. So when things got out of hand I confronted my real life hero on the emotional issues that were making him behave so outrageously.  His surprise at how accurately I’d identified his inner conflict led him to give the relationship another chance—and to let me help him get past the fears that were keeping him from expressing his enormous need to love.

He turned out to be a keeper. We’ll be celebrating our fifteenth anniversary next winter.  And I hope the story of how Eliza’s insights allow her to tame the unpredictable Lord Lightning will end up being a keeper for you, my readers, too!

Book Description:
They call him “Lord Lightning”. . .
For his shocking behavior. An unrepentant rogue with a wicked reputation, his outrageous conduct ensures no woman will get close enough to hurt him.

But demure and lovely astrologer Eliza Farrell casts a chart that tells her Lord Hartwood is capable of great, passionate love. When Hartwood indulges in one of his famous pranks and invites Eliza to become his new mistress, the virginal country miss must meet her fate armed only with her knowledge that the cynical lord will become the tender lover she sees predicted in the stars.

Though Eliza is nothing like the brazen strumpets he prefers, the seemingly incorruptible seer excites Lord Lightning much more than the hard, calculating women he is accustomed to. Eliza’s trusting spirit and quick mind touch his cold heart—and when the bewitching innocent surprisingly agrees to be seen on his arm, neither can predict the sparks that will fly between them . . . or resist the electric passion that will threaten to transform them both.

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