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by Cynthia Cooke, author of BLACK MAGIC LOVER (Harlequin Nocturne, September 2010)

When describing my latest Nocturne, Black Magic Lover to friends I love to say its Sixth Sense meets Skeleton Key.  I loved the atmospheric setting of Skeleton Key, the old house nestled down deep in the Louisiana backwoods, swathed in voodoo mysticism.  The viewers would be in the theatres or their living rooms and scream at the screen–don’t go into the attic!   And of course, just like my heroine, she does.  How could she not?  I mean, there are no such things as voodoo demons and evil spirits, hiding in the rafters of old houses.

Are there?

Like the Skeleton Key, Black Magic Lover, is set deep in a Louisiana swamp where things definitely go bump in the night.  We have voodoo magick and creepy stalkers and, yes, a hero who can see dead people.  Even though he wishes to God he didn’t.  As in the movie, The Sixth Sense, a young boy says five little words that strike terror into your heart“I talk to dead people.”  Just thinking about it gives me chills.  Scary stories, they get the blood pumping.   They make you feel alive.  And that’s why I love writing them.

The world of Black Magic Lover is rich with the mystical. What looks like a quaint Louisiana bayou town filled with simple good folk is anything but simple.  My hero, Drew Michel must fight against a powerful voodoo demon in a ritual that demands a sacrifice of the woman he loves–the woman he would die to protect.

At Nocturne, not only can we write scintillating stories that get our blood pumping, but throw a hot guy in there to ride to the rescue and life is good.

So, what gets your blood pumping? How about a cemetery where all the graves are above ground, a swamp so thick with algae, even the trees stand up on their knees.  A house so old, the wood creaks and groans, begging for release.  And yet, people live there.  People thrive there.  And you have to wonder, how?  Why?  What secrets are locked away behind their dark doors?

Ahh, yes, I love Louisiana.  Love the swamps.  The history.  The exotic mysticism.  And, of course, New Orleans.   What are your favorite scary stories?  What keeps you up at night?  What has you turning the pages because you’re afraid to turn out the lights?

Afraid to breathe….


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