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My Wild Riders series for Berkley Heat is an erotic suspense about a group of bad boy bikers who ride Harleys and work undercover for the federal government. It has elements of suspense, action, adventure, and sex.

How can I wrangle suspense and sex? If you’ve read the first 4 books in the series, you know how I manage it. If you haven’t, I’d love for you to read one—or two, three or four—and give them a try to see how.

Sex on the run while hiding from the bad guys? Fun stuff.  Sex while working undercover—or is that under the covers? Har. I know, bad pun. Throw tomatoes at me. But two people who pretend to be someone else, or one who isn’t who he or she says they are? And then you add emotional and sexual involvement into the mix? Whee! That’s what I love about mixing suspense and danger with sex. There are so many layers to uncover, not only in the suspense plot, but within the characters.

Lives can be at stake, heart rates are accelerated, there’s danger at every corner, and our hero and heroine don’t know whom to trust. Sometimes they can’t even trust each other, yet they find they have no choice but to lean on the one person that could hurt them the most. And that’s when hearts and bodies and chemistry mixes together in an explosive combination.

That’s why I love writing erotic suspense. There’s nothing sexier than a man who’s fully in charge in a dangerous situation, and a woman who’s facing down the worst day of her life with no fear. She has the one person by her side she knows she can count on, and he knows he’s found the strongest partner he’s ever had.

The best payoff for me as a writer is when two characters have combustible chemistry, and the reader is hoping and praying they come out of this no win scenario in one piece because you can’t wait for that moment when the danger has passed, and the two of them come together in a tangle of lips and bodies, when passion takes over and they realize that after all they’ve been through they’re still alive. And there’s no better way to celebrate still being alive than unbridled, no holds barred sex.

And in that moment, sex strips the barriers as well as the clothing. These characters can’t hide behind their walls of fake identities and lies. Passion reveals true emotions, takes the characters to a new level in the relationship and forces them to face the truth of their feelings. Sex isn’t just sex—it’s another step in the game they play, and that’s all part of the suspense. Will they reveal the truth of their emotions, or won’t they? And if they put their hearts in the hands of the other person, will they be crushed, or will that other person see them for who they really are…and love them anyway?

It’s all part of the suspense, and why I love to write these kinds of stories.

There are five books in the Wild Rider series. Riding The Night released this week, and is the final book in the series. I’ll give away one of the books in this series to one commenter. Riding The Night is not included in this giveaway.

Tell me some of your favorite sexy suspense stories, or leave a general comment. And thanks for being here!



A big thank you to Jaci for joining us today! For more information on Jaci’s Wilder Riders, visit her site here. And don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win one of the first four Wild Riders books. Good luck! 🙂

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