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Cruel Enchantment, the second novel of my Dark Magick series, released this week. I’m so excited to share this story and these characters with you.

Aeric O’Malley has been waiting centuries for Emmmaline Gallagher, the former fae assassin of the Summer Court, to walk into the trap he’s set for her. She’s responsible for the death of the only woman he ever loved and he’s been dreaming about revenge.

Emmaline has no clue that the moment she steps past the boundaries of Piefferburg, the imprisonment area in the United States where the fae are kept, that she’s immediately caught in an enchanted web that alerts Aeric to her presence. Practically before she makes it past the gates, Aeric swoops in, captures her, and she’s plunged into the nightmare she’s spent hundreds of years trying to avoid.

Despite the sins of her past, she’s there to help the fae. Emmaline has discovered the location of an object that will help the fae gain their freedom from Piefferburg. The catch is that the object is in a locked box at the bottom of the ocean. The only man who can fashion a key to open that box is Aeric “the Blacksmith” O’Malley. Using her exceptional skill with glamour, she enters Piefferburg in a deep disguise never figuring Aeric will recognize her.

Aeric sees through all her subterfuge, yet something about Emmaline prevents him from taking his revenge and it’s not her concocted tale about being there to “help the fae”. She’s not the heartless person he thought she’d be and even though she admits to killing the woman he loved all those years ago, Aeric senses something amiss with her story. Also, beyond all reason, he finds himself incredibly attracted to her.

While Emmaline is locked in Aeric’s forge the clock is ticking and emotions are running high. Can she reach Aeric’s angry heart before it’s too late?

To read the first chapter, see the book video, or view a map of Piefferburg, visit my web site: http://www.anyabast.com/cruel-enchantment/

The key word for Cruel Enchantment is passion. Aeric is passionate at first to gain revenge on Emmaline for her role in his former lover’s death, then he’s passionate in his deep and romantic feelings for her. Emmaline has always been passionate for Aeric and she is also passionate about helping the fae gain their freedom from Piefferburg.

I think we all have things we’re passionate about in life. My passions are my family, my writing, and my spirituality. What are some of your personal passions? Reply for a chance to win an autographed copy of Wicked Enchantment, the first book of the series.

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