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Vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, succubi, daemons, witches, zombies.   The Old Ones.  The Creatures of the Dark.  The beings that humans want to believe are only myth.

They’re out there … And when they break the Covenant — when they kill their own kind or a human — justice must be served

That’s the premise of my new Shadow Keepers series of paranormal romances, the first of which (WHEN BLOOD CALLS) just hit the shelves!

I’ve had a lot of fun with these books, and I think part of that is getting to draw a bit on my legal experience in crafting a judicial system that works to keep the creatures of the night under control—and then finds and prosecute them when they get out of line.

Of course, when you’re dealing with vamps and werewolves and daemons and the like, you can’t always expect that everyone will be completely honorable, and that’s part of the premise of WHEN BLOOD CALLS—the hero is Lucius Dragos, a dangerous vampire with horrors in his past and secrets in the present.  He’s a member of the kyne, a secret group of shadow beings who, among other things, work to make sure that justice is served even if the system fails.  He is, in other words, an assassin.  But now he’s been arrested and charged with murder, and the woman seeking to put him away is the woman with whom he shared a night of passion—but she didn’t know he was a vampire.

Sara Constantine is our heroine, an assistant district attorney whose sense of justice is tied to the system, which she believes in fully.  But she’s only been newly introduced to the shadow world, having been hand-picked to join the PEC as a prosecutor.  When she meets her defendant, not only does she have to fight her own attraction to him, but their opposing views of the world, and how justice should be dealt, crackle and spark between them.

I’ve been writing for a while now, and I’ve discovered that I tend to address certain themes.  One of them is the “figuring out who you are” theme, but to a certain extent I think that’s inherent in almost every book, as characters are always on the road to self-discovery.  But the theme that compels me and really gets pulled out in the Shadow Keepers is the concept of justice—of what is right and what is wrong, and how far can/should you go if the rules and system in place to make sure that justice is served don’t work as advertised?  In our world, that’s the “getting off on a technicality” that you hear about—and as a former practicing attorney, I understand the rationale behind it, and despite some flaws, I do think that the system of checks and  balances works.  In fiction, though…in a paranormal world…well, the rules have changed, haven’t they?  And it was great fun exploring that theme in Blood.

The other books also center around the PEC—the Preternatural Enforcement Coalition, which is basically the shadow world’s judicial branch.  Each book has different themes, different characters, different scenarios (and lots of steam!), and it’s been such fun exploring a world filled with vamps, weren, daemons and more!

I hope you come along and join the ride!

And I’ve had fun getting the word out about the books, too.  Here’s a trailer I put together to help spread the word: http://jkbeck.com/the-shadow-keepers/fun-stuff/jkvideo/


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One lucky commenter will win a bound galley of book two, WHEN PLEASURE RULES.  You can talk about anything, but if you need an idea, why not share your thoughts on the rules?  Should vampires and other creatures of the night be held to certain laws and codes?  Or is the paranormal world a world in which there are no rules…

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