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Tomorrow on bookstores shelves near you:

A mysterious death begins a dangerous chain of events, forcing choices that mean no turning back as Max’s past catches up to him.  But as the unexpected discovery of a family thought lost to him threatens the existence of Max’s paranormal world, his awakening senses strain the bond he shares with Detective Charlotte Caissie.

Driven by instincts he can’t control, Max fights the need to claim his human mate. How can he protect her when she’s not safe with him? She’s strong enough to keep his secrets, but can she survive the test of his love?

Separating business from pleasure just got more difficult. To have Max, Cee Cee must face her greatest fears by accepting who and what he is . . . someone deadly, unnatural and outside the law she serves. Loving Max Savoie isn’t easy, but holding onto him could prove fatal.


When I was little, I didn’t want to be a princess or a ballerina, I wanted to be a Storyteller. I remember countless nights, lying in the dark in the bedroom I shared with one of my sisters, making up tales about friends and family and heroes from TV (in black and white with three channels back then so it took some imagination!).  When I saw my name in print under a fractured fairytale published in my elementary school newspaper, that dream had a new focus.  I wanted to be a Writer.


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