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From the elegant halls of London to the rugged castles of distant Scotland, historical romance has never been hotter! New York Times bestselling author Susan Johnson, with Terri Brisbin and Mary Wine…

When A Lady Is Willing, There Will Always Be A Way…

As You Wish Susan Johnson

Felicity Belvoir is a charmer indeed-and still a virgin. But not for long. The dashing earl of Albion has vowed to be her first lover…and he is known throughout London as the gold standard in female pleasure…

A Storm Of Love Terri Brisbin

The wild lands of Argyll hold no promise for a woman cast away-until a younger lover draws Agnes of Mull into his strong embrace. Breac’s tender touch erases all sorrow…and his compelling sensuality brings her to ecstasy…

Stealing The Bride Mary Wine

Brawny and brave, Hayden Monroe is a laird in need of a wife and the beautiful Elspeth Leask shall be his. But he must bed her to wed her-and fully satisfy her deepest desires…


I am not the most patient person in the world. I understand why Marie Antoinette wanted ‘to have her cake and eat it too” – that makes a lot of sense to me.! No waiting for the results you want that way. And with spring comes a feeling of watching and waiting for something!

This spring’s anticipation has gone in a completely different direction than usual for me. After planning out my entire summer and fall schedule (using my lovely new iPhone to do it) something big shifted. Instead of being held in Nashville, something that was in the works for years, the biggest romance writers conference needed to move because of the recent devastation in that region. And the new location? Disney World in Orlando!!

I love Disney World. I go whenever I can – which has been twice this year already. Though both were for business meetings, I managed to add a family vacation onto the first one and I went in a couple days ahead for the second one. And now I’m going again! Woohoo!!

In the hours since the information was announced, I’ve downloaded new apps for my iPhone, search the floormap of the hotels where we’ll be staying (a new hotel for us – we’ve never stayed there before), check park hours and Extra Magic hours…so much to do…and the anticipation grows.

Spring also builds anticipation for summer and trips to the beach and romance novels to be read while sitting sea- or pool-side. I have a shopping-bagful just waiting for some open moments.

I’m also expecting to write neat book and am anxious to get it finished with some gripping scenes intact. The anticipation of writing that story and those characters is growing now and I can hear them and see them and want to meet them!

How about you? What are you waiting for in like? A favorite Author’s new book? Finding a new author? A certain vacation location in mind or being planned? I hope you’ll share your ideas about Anticipation – and one poster will  receive a special gift from me.

Terri Brisbin is celebrating her new busy release, A STORM OF LOVE  in an anthology. Her next book THE MERCENARY’S BRIDE. For more information, visit her webpage at www.terribrisbin.com.

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