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Her Shocking Past…

Raised as the youngest daughter of the Duke of Kendal, Elizabeth learns a devastating truth on his deathbed: he wasn’t her father at all. And because the Duke had no sons, his title and fortune must go to his only male heir: a distant cousin who left England for America long ago. Anticipating the man’s imminent occupation of her home, Elizabeth anxiously searches for her mother’s diary, and the secret of her paternity…

Her Unexpected Future…

Arriving in London with his seven siblings, William Atherton intends to sell everything and return to his beloved Virginia farm, and his fiancée, as quickly as possible. But as Elizabeth shows William an England he never knew, and graciously introduces his siblings to London society, it becomes clear the two are meant for each other. Soon, Elizabeth finds herself determined to seduce the man who can save not only her family name but her heart…



Thank you for having me at here! I seem to enjoy writing about scandals so when my editor asked me what I thought about SOMETHING SCANDALOUS as a title for my third book in my Spinster Club series, I said YES!!

The Spinster Club series revolves around the lives of five Regency women who have all made up their minds not to marry. But one of the women is playing matchmaker without the others noticing. Along the way, each of the women will have some secret they’ve wanted to remain hidden released to society.

Elizabeth, the heroine of SOMETHING SCANDALOUS, discovers a very big secret about her parents. Before her father dies, he tells her that she is not really his daughter. Now this is the regency period and because she was born into a valid marriage and her “father” never publically disowned her, she doesn’t have too much to worry about. Except, she really wants to know the name of her real father. She has no plans to confront him. Her mother was an important duchess and as such, Elizabeth assumes her father must be a peer. She just wants know his name.

But before she can find the diary she knows her mother hid in the house, the new duke arrives with his seven siblings, putting a damper on her search efforts. When she finally does find the diary, she discovers things about her parents no child should know.

As I wrote this, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to discover something so shocking about my parents. In the regency period, society was much like the Hollywood stars of today. Everyone loved to hear about their scandals. Of course, today it is much harder to keep a secret when there are reporters snooping into every aspect of stars’ lives. Two hundred years ago, it was mostly gossips and the occasional gossip column (those were very rare).

How would you feel if every aspect of your life was out in the open for all to see? I come from a large family and value my privacy. I would hate the idea that I could walk into the grocery store and see some story about me and my family. 



Huge thanks to Christie for being our guest today. For more information on her and her books, please visit her website here. Don’t forget to leave a comment for the chance to win a copy of Something Scandalous. Good Luck!

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