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Married life is bringing out the best in the Darcys. Their mutual attentiveness brings readers into a magical world of love and wedded bliss.Elizabeth is growing into her role as Mistress of Pemberley, and Darcy has mellowed under her gentle teasing and light-heartedness. Pemberley becomes a true home and a welcoming environment for loving family and friends. The Darcys travel to the seaside, welcome their firstborn, celebrate their anniversary and second Christmas, and at every moment embrace the love gifted to them.

“I love you, my Elizabeth. You are my soul, my blood and bone, my very life.”


Have you ever looked back onto a life event or journey with the desire to recognize how you cleverly planned it all out with the utmost control, only to finally admit that the majority of it happened haphazardly? I think we all have. And no matter the outcome, it is rather humbling and enlightening to realize how frequently some outside force led us by the nose!

My “writing journey” has largely moved along in that way. Initially there was an actual decision on my part. That memorable day when I sat at the computer and typed the opening sentence of what would eventually become my first novel.

“Thank goodness it is finally over, Fitzwilliam Darcy thought with a heavy sigh.”

All journeys start with the first step, or in this case, a sentence. I wrote what had been hammering against my skull for weeks and kept on writing until I finished what I fully intended to be a sweet, very short story for an online Jane Austen fan-fiction site. I bravely posted it and envisioned myself sitting back with a contented sigh before moving on with my “real life.”

Fate had a different idea! (more…)

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