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An Indecent Proposal . . .
When Douglas Eston arrives at the home of the Duke of Herridge, he expects to leave with an investment—not a wife! With his brilliant ideas attracting attention all over London, Douglas does not need to rely on the duke. But when he meets Lady Sarah Baines, the stubborn beauty whose virtue her father would willingly sell, Douglas finds himself utterly entranced and desperate to protect her.Lady Sarah Baines always knew her father was cruel. But this time he’s gone too far. Demanding that she marry a complete stranger—even an absurdly handsome one with eyes the color of a dawn sky—is utterly ridiculous. She swears she’ll never submit to the wanton delights of the marriage bed. But soon Douglas’s considerable charms prove impossible to resist… and the decadent ecstasy he offers shows Sarah that an affair that began with business can end with the ultimate pleasure.


When I was trying to come up with an idea for my guest blog here on Novel Thoughts, I dismissed the idea of being clever. Sometimes, when you think you’re really cute, you’re not.  Then, I thought I’d be academic but overly fussy language can sometimes distance you from people. Then, I considered talking about Scotland, since most of my books take place in Scotland. Frankly, I’ve been talking about Scotland a lot lately, and people are probably tired of it.  Then, I decided I would just let it all hang out and talk about something real and honest and very close to my heart: love.

It is my deep and unswerving belief that love can heal.


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