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Sweet Charity by Lauren Dane. Eight years after a horrible one night stand,Charity and Gabriel finally find themselves in bed again. Trouble is, he thinks she’s too nice a girl to accept his darker sexual urges, so he’ll only agree to a short term fling. Gabriel’s about to find out that even sweet girls have their limits.

Unraveled by Jaci Burton. Entrepreneur Mitch Magruder wants to buy old friend Greta Mason’s rundown motel. Greta loves the motel and intends to hang tight, despite the feelings between her and Mitch. Can a man afraid to commit and a woman bruised by the past find a love worth building a future on?




It’s that time of year again—the…I hate to say it…but it can’t be avoided, so I’m going to utter the “H” word. The Holidays are creeping up on us.


I know, it makes me shudder too. All the shopping and the decorating and the shopping and the cooking and the wrapping paper and the shopping and the cleaning my house so family can come over and the shopping and the endless lines and the shopping and the stress and the shopping. And did I mention the shopping?


But you know what I do love this time of year? Holiday romances. This is actually the first year in a long time I haven’t written a new holiday romance. I love writing them, and I love reading them…in all genres. As much as you have to drag me, kicking and screaming, into the holidays, the one thing that’s guaranteed to put me in the mood for this crazy time of year is a holiday romance. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sweet category or a family romance or an erotic or a historical, I love them.


Maybe it’s because there are so many different types of holiday romances. Romance and the holidays just go so well together.  It’s a season for warmth and family and miracles and of course—love. And hey, we romance writers are in the love business, so what better time of year to set our stories than at the holidays. And this time of year tends to be cold outside in many places of the world. Fireplaces are sexy ya know. All that snow, and the possibility of being stranded in a snowstorm, cuddled up with the hot hero…yum and oh so sexy.


And romances with kids in them? Love them at the holidays. There’s nothing better than seeing the holidays through the eyes of a child. Add in a couple trying to fall in love to the mix and you have a winning recipe for happily ever after.  Sometimes the child is the catalyst for the romance in these types of stories.


I also love holiday reunion romances, where two lovers have been torn apart and are reunited at the holidays. The forgiveness factor is strong in these romances, and the holiday is integral and bringing them back together again. These are the sweetest types of romances and they really pull at the heartstrings. These types of stories tend to be loaded with emotion, making them powerful reads.


The holidays are all about second chances and forgiveness and granting those special wishes, like telling someone you love them. I just get all warm inside thinking about the potential for romance this time of year.


And speaking of romance, I’m going to give away Holiday Seduction and Holiday Heat to one winner. The erotic romances contain connected stories by me and wonderful author Lauren Dane. J


So tell me what holiday books are on your to buy list this year. I’m always on the lookout for great holiday romances, and this is the time to buy!




Many thanks to Jaci for being our guest today. Don’t forget to leave a comment for the chance to win copies of HOLIDAY HEAT and HOLIDAY SEDUCTION. For more information on Jaci and her books, please visit her website here.


UNWRAPPED Amy’s kind of fantasies wouldn’t cut it in the straight-laced law firm where she’s fought her way to partnership. And she refuses to let a younger man use her to advance in the firm. Justin might be brilliant, gorgeous and sexy, but he’s firmly implanted in the look-but-don’t-touch realm. Until a corporate acquisition in Hawaii over Christmas gives Justin the opportunity to show Amy he’s interested in her as a woman. And he has the ideal plan to help unwrap the perfect Christmas gift for Amy.

TO DO LIST Since she could pick up a pencil, Belle has used lists to map out her life. But now, she realizes the life she thought she wanted exacts too high a price. Exhausted, she heads home for Christmas to make a new to-do list. She didn’t factor in Rafe, her brother’s best friend kissing her under the mistletoe! Belle finds herself with a whole new set of goals to balance with what she thought she always wanted. Rafe’s plan is to seduce Belle back home where she belongs.

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