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Amazon now has a program that you can download that allows for reading Kindle books on the computer and not just the Kindle. Check it out here. I’ve downloaded it and played around a bit. All my Kindle books are there and in order. 🙂

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Out today in all fine bookstores near you!

No Reservations

Four days in Vegas. Two sexy and determined men. One penthouse suite… And No Reservations.

Christmas isn’t so merry for Kate and Leah. Kate’s romantic winter holiday is destroyed by the sudden and uninvited presence of Dix’s annoying ex-wife while Brandon’s super-perfect family and a diamond ring sends Leah running for the refuge of a girl’s holiday in Sin City with Kate in tow.

Dix and Brandon both know what they want. Hopping a plane in hot pursuit, the men show up in Vegas, ready to use every sensual trick they have to convince Kate and Leah to take a gamble on forever.

(It seemed fitting to do our guest blog via IM since we pretty much wrote the book that way and it’s how we spend a lot of time! Without further ado – we present Megan Hart and Lauren Dane talking about our new release from Black LaceNo Reservations!)

Megan Hart: all righty, ready?

Lauren Dane: Ready to rock, ma’am

Lauren Dane: So No Reservations is out today

Lauren Dane: wheeee!

Megan Hart: Thanks to Fatin for having us here today to talk about it!

Lauren Dane: most definitely!

Megan Hart: Brandon and Leah have to be two of my favorite characters that I’ve ever written. Ever.

Lauren Dane: I totally loved writing the relationship between Kate and Dix – not just ending at I Love You, but a view of a working relationship

Lauren Dane: As a writer, having the ability to check in a year later or whatever, with a couple was really fun and satisfying. Love isn’t enough, it just sets the foundation. Seeing people work with each other, accept flaws and changing things to accommodate the long term presence of another in their established life was great fun for me

Lauren Dane: Plus, I gotta say, the friendship between Leah and Kate was a hoot to write

Megan Hart: I loved the friendship between those two women, and I agree. Writing an established romantic relationship can be challenging but even more fun than getting your characters together for the first time. I think so often in romance, particularly erotic romance, the focus is on HOW the characters fall in love (or lust) and it’s so gratifying to be able to take them beyond that first-falling-in-love feeling to something richer and a little more layered.

Lauren Dane: right. Oftentimes people complain that romance isn’t realistic, but I think that’s untrue and certainly not any more the case in the genre than any others. Dealing with children and in laws and a place for you in someone’s life – can’t get more realistic than that

Lauren Dane: That said, my favorite scene in the entire book is when Dix and Brandon arrive in Vegas and head to the Penny Pincher motel

Megan Hart: HAHA. Oh, yes. Those two guys. I loved their relationship, too, how they were thrown together in a situation neither of them wanted but they not only made the best of it but urged the other one and bonded. I love how they interacted.

Lauren Dane: Yes, I think I got to know Dix a lot better through Brandon’s interactions with him too.

Lauren Dane: It’s funny, usually for me writing is very internal, but working with a partner has its own challenges, and in our case, a lot more advantages. I think going back and forth the way we did made the process more interactive and fun. And I think it comes through on the page too

Megan Hart: I think so too. Writing this book was even more fun than writing Taking Care of Business. I love the inside jokes. I love how everything flowed from our IM conversations. Sometimes books are fun and sometimes they are not. No Reservations was definitely fun.

Lauren Dane: yes, it was the best joint writing project I’ve ever had, LOL. There’s a lot of camaraderie between the characters and I think that flows from our friendship and connection

Lauren Dane: it adds a layer I love

Megan Hart: *Hugs*

Megan Hart: We are full of love

Lauren Dane: hee, for two grumpy old ladies, LOL

Megan Hart: Well listen, sometimes in this business you have to take the love where you can. Writing is the best job in the world, don’t get me wrong, but it IS work. Being able to make it fun and hang with my BFF and be paid for it is awesome. Bonus!

Lauren Dane: yes! I think this project has from the very start been fun. We wanted to write this story we brainstormed and we’ve been able to do two chapters of it – that’s a wonderful thing

Megan Hart: Yep. And I’m still percolating a third and final part to the story! I’d love to tell it.

Lauren Dane: definitely! These two couples have more to say and we really need, well I can’t say or it’ll be a spoiler!

Lauren Dane: I suppose we need to give a blanket FYI that this book is a Black Lace book – so it’s erotic romance and it’s also a sequel.

Megan Hart: Right. So, plenty of sex and an already established relationship between the characters. Though I do think you should easily be able to read it as a standalone!

Lauren Dane: It’s been a bit crazy this book around because after we turned it in, Black Lace stopped accepting manuscripts for at least a year. So I admit I’ve felt a little adrift.

Lauren Dane: I do think you should be able to read it as a standalone – though there’s some pretty major groundwork laid in TCOB when it comes to who these people are and why.

Megan Hart: I highly recommend reading Taking Care of Business anyway!

Lauren Dane: well yeah, LOL

Lauren Dane: I think No Reservations is funnier – it reads to me that all four are more comfortable with themselves even when they struggle to process life’s changes

Lauren Dane: But there are sections when I re-read that make me LOL.

Lauren Dane: This book has a vein of humor that really pleases me

Megan Hart: I love the scene with Dix and Brandon in the strip club!

Lauren Dane: oh yes! That’s a really fun one to

Lauren Dane: too even

Lauren Dane: Readers definitely get a better look at both men in this book, or at least that’s how it felt to me

Megan Hart: Yeah. And since I love both of the men in this story, I think that’s fabulous.

Lauren Dane: Yes!

Lauren Dane: No Reservations and TCOB were two of the more “easy” writing projects I’ve done. The story seemed to flow well and the characters interconnected too

Lauren Dane: Anyhoodle, I don’t think this is the end of our characters, though we’ll have to find a new home for them since BL is no more.  I  hope people read it and feel as if they’re visiting with friends they haven’t seen in a while

Megan Hart: And I hope they love the story as much as we do.

Lauren Dane: Yes, that too, LOL!

Megan Hart: Or at least  half as much, because that would still be a lot.

Lauren Dane: very true. Considering how many hours we spent talking about these characters and getting them in and out of trouble

Nota Bene: I have not edited anything in the above exchange, other than changing the font color for the names.

Thank you for visiting, Ms Dane and Ms Hart!

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