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Once burned is all it takes…

For the last twelve years, Raul Montenga has sizzled with erotic dreams of the girl he left behind. When he finally comes back home, determined to find her, it’s not to Penelope’s warm welcome but to a cold shoulder and her icy rejection. So he’s more than a little surprised to answer his door one day to find her tomboy daughter standing nervously on his porch…claiming to be his child.

Dr. Penelope Gibson’s worst nightmare isn’t that her daughter might want to know who her father was. It’s facing the man she’d foolishly spent her youth loving and keeping him at arm’s length. Now he’s back and the feelings she’d thought frozen solid are melting in his wake. Along with her inhibitions, her clothes and her better judgment.

But when he’s determined to win back her love—body and soul—can she trust him enough to try? Or will everything she’s built without him go up in smoke?


I know you won’t believe me, but I was a child bride. No really. I look at my seventeen year old niece and I understand why some people freaked out when they heard I wanted to get married at eighteen. But I did, I really did. Because I’d loved my man for so many years already. We met when I was ten and I was gangly and awkward and he was the best friend I didn’t know I had.

But I’m a smart girl, I figured it out. And though he may have squirmed a few times, I’ve never let him go.
(Just kidding, honey, I know you love me.)

But it’s the strangest thing, for as early as we met, there was a chance we could have met even earlier.

You see, I moved up and down California as a kid, but he was a Navy brat. His youngest years were spent abroad, but then, oddly enough, he settled in my county in Central Cali. We have pictures of the same
fair and the same horses we saw there. Very “Sleepless in Seattle”, but not earth shattering, right?

What’s makes it odd? Well, I moved again… and he moved again, into the same tiny town in Sleepy Southern California that ain’t no one in the world had ever heard of. But he’s a trio of years older than me,
so if it hadn’t been for my sister roping him home for a visit, he might have slipped right past me, never to be seen from again.

So, it took us a while and a couple of strange near misses, but eventually, he found me and we’ve been together ever since.

Which is what brings me here today, because my newest release, “Burn For Me”, is out just in time for our anniversary, and that’s pretty fitting because the romance in this book means perhaps just that little bit more to me than most of my others. It’s about a pair of childhood sweethearts… who didn’t get together. Soul mates that went their different ways, lived completely separate lives and cross paths again as adults. Adults with old hurts and older secrets. Can they overcome broken hearts and lives that were never quite right without each other? Well, you’ll have to check it out to know for sure.

(Psst, odds are good. Plus, it’s a really steamy seduction back to her heart. Who wants to miss that?)

Some stories just come from a simple game of “What If?” and this one was slightly bittersweet. I occasionally wondered what would have happened if I had missed my hero. Would I have gotten a second chance?

Could we have made it this far in our lives without each other?

What about you? Have you found your hero? Tell us what makes him–or her!–such an important part of your life.

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