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Angelina Sanchez didn’t hold much stock in men. The ones who weren’t slimy fortune hunters weren’t interested in a young lady who would rather spend time with her horses than flirt. But when she saw a handsome stranger in town, there was an instant connection, a spark of familiarity like nothing she’d ever felt. And no matter how fiercely her father warned her away from Jeremiah Baldwin, nothing could have kept her from his side.

When her father had him beaten and left for dead, Angel’s soft hands and sweet voice coaxed Jeremiah to stay, to fight. In her arms, it seemed he’d finally found a place to belong. But how could he protect her when it was her father who’d led the raid that had slaughtered his family? His spirit guides had told him he would feel true joy only if he made peace with his greatest sorrow. But unless he could find a way to win Angelina’s heart without forsaking his family, he would remain…Destiny’s Captive.


How did she come up with that?

I’ll bet you’ve asked yourself the same question after reading the latest dark paranormal or watching the latest vampire series on cable or in the movies.  With so many people enthralled with the paranormal, the person whose feet stay firmly on the ground has to feel LOST.

So where do authors come up with paranormal ideas, characters, plots and themes without delving into the occult and joining Wicans Local 101?  Where does it begin?  Does an author wake up one day and announce, “I think my next novel’s going to be about the Fey.”  Does she then research the Fey, like everything else she writes?  And once she opens her mind to that realm, is she inundated with evil? (more…)

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