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A Quick Note!

New winners were picked for NJ Walters and Lauren Dane’s posts as the original winners both passed on the wins since they already have them. Please scroll down and see who the new winners are. 🙂

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Buckle up. Enjoy the view.

Jake McKenna fixes planes, not people. Compared to an engine, humans are high-maintenance and unpredictable—which is why Jake has zero interest in indulging his sister’s request that he play tour guide and rent-a-date to her boss’s visiting stepdaughter. Still, Lauren Matthews is nothing like the uptight, reed-skinny workaholic he expected. She’s curvy—deliciously so. Funny. Open. And convinced that there’s more to her mother’s hasty marriage to the local mayor than meets the eye.

Leaving her fast-track Washington career is the most impulsive thing Lauren has ever done—right until the moment she arrives in Cedar Springs, Colorado. Everything about sexy, enigmatic pilot Jake tempts Lauren to unleash her inner bad girl and let him take her places she’s never been…even as her snooping around town provokes some extremely hostile reactions. At this altitude, losing your head is easy. Trusting your heart can cost you everything…


What is it about fast planes and hunky pilots that get us a little hot and bothered under the collar?  Okay, so what’s not to love, really, right?  When I heard about a sport where men race restored World War II fighter planes in close-the-ground air sprints, where they go thundering, literally, through a marked course at rates of speed that would make anyone’s pulse pound…well, I knew I had found just the right extracurricular activity for my flight school pilot, Jake McKenna.


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