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Her Cinderella Season

She’s been taught that pleasure is sinful . . .

Now Miss Lily Beecham is determined to find out for herself!

A chance meeting with a viscountess, and Lily is invited to the ball. Freed from dowdy gowns and worthy reading, Lily charms Society. Except for the cold, aloof–and wildly handsome–Mr. Jack Alden.

Lily soon learns that Jack’s cool demeanor is belied by the warmth of his kiss. But at the end of the Season she must return to bleak normality. Unless wicked Mr. Alden can save her from a future of good behavior . . .


Lily Beecham, the heroine of my new release, Her Cinderella Season, is superstitious. As a child, her Cornish nurse filled her heart and mind with stories of pixies, marsh hags, fairy folk and portents of the future. Lily’s a grown woman now, and her mother, a convert to the Evangelical branch of the Church of England, is very disapproving of her pagan notions. But Lily cannot quite seem to stop looking for signs in the natural world around her.

Lily does see a sign at her first, momentous meeting with Mr. Jack Alden—and she hopes that it means that the change she’s been waiting for has arrived. Certainly her dreams of a London Season are coming true due to their tumultuous encounter. But do the fates intend them to end up together? You’ll have to read to find out!  😀

I admit that I have a bit of sympathy for Lily. I don’t have any writing rituals like Joseph Fiennes did in Shakespeare in Love—loved his quill rolling and twirling before he sat down to write—but I have had a couple of odd experiences that make me wonder if there might be more to the world around us than meets the eye.

How about you?  Are you superstitious?  Have any must-perform rituals?  Has Fate or the Powers That Be ever sent you a sign?  Share your stories and I’ll choose a random commenter to win a copy of Her Cinderella Season!


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