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From Friend to Father

Twin boys, a baby girl and Sarah, their gorgeous mother. It’s a dream family. Too bad it doesn’t belong to Reece Sandler. Correction. Part of it does belong to him. But he’s not ready to be a single father and he needs Sarah Martin more than ever. Funny thing, when he and his late wife asked Sarah to be their surrogate, he never imagined he’d raise that child with her.

And the situation is complicated by his growing attraction to her. She’s vivacious, captivating and the kind of parent he only hopes to be. How can he resist her? Now to convince her to think of him as more than a friend.


Back in January, it was my New Year’s Resolution to try new authors and/or authors I’d never read before.  Part of it was superstition—after all, I’m a new author and the karma thing can’t be ignored.  But another part of it was just my love of books, and of discovering new writers to love, adore, slobber over.  So, in honor of my brand new book, Tie Me Down, which hit the shelves last week, I thought I would blog a little about some of the fantabulous books I’ve read this year by new—or at least, new to me, authors.

  1. Julie James’s Just the Sexiest Man Alive:  This is a great book.  A seriously great book by an absolutely fabulous new author. I originally picked it up because I was in the mood for something funny, and boy did Julie deliver.  The story of America’s sexiest actor and the lawyer who is less than impressed with him—and his trail of paparazzi—it was great fun to watch the two of them jockey for power and position.
  2. Lauren Dane’s Laid Bare—Dane is certainly not a new author, and though I read her books from earlier this year, I have to admit it is Laid Bare that just completely blew me away.  In this book she puts her heroine through the emotional wringer- and then some—but also gives her two big, strong heroes to depend on.  It was a beautiful, beautiful book.
  3. Beth Kery’s Daring Time—Beth Kery is fairly new to the publishing world, and this was the first book of hers I’d ever read (I have since gone back and read the others).  One of the things I really liked about this book is the time travel plot (and I’m not one who normally goes for that).  She does a fabulous job of integrating it into the largely contemporary plot, along with creating a truly divine hero.
  4. Leslie Parrish’s Fade to Black—Now, Leslie Parrish isn’t technically new, as she’s been writing under a different name for Blaze for a long time.  But this is her first single title and it is awesome!  I originally picked it up, sad to say, because the title was the same as the romantic suspense I’ve been working on.  But I kept reading past the first few chapters because I was hooked.  She created a fascinating stories filled with twists and turns and one heck of a terrible, awful, horrible bad guy.
  5. Charlotte Featherstone’s Addicted—I’m not a big historical romance fan, but this book fascinated me.  Charlotte creates a truly interesting love triangle here, between two childhood friends and opium, the hero’s addiction.  Watching their story unfold was incredibly rewarding—and when they got their happy ending, I have to admit I teared up just a little bit.

So, though I’ve read over a hundred and fifty books so far this year, these five from new authors really stand out as some of the best ones I’ve gotten my hands on.  So my question to you is this—which authors have you tried this year whose books you really enjoyed?  Leave a comment and be entered to win a copy of my latest Harlequin Superromance, From Friend to Father.


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