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I tried to win this in the recent Brenda Novak auction but sadly it was not one of the five things I won. I had to back off because I couldn’t justify paying so much for one ARC when the other stuff I won were for multiple books. I’ve read the first three in this series by Elizabeth and I have to say it’s one of my favorite series to date. It’s wonderful and should be read by all and to whomever out there that did win the ARC? I’m super jealous but I hope you enjoy it! 😉



Reynaud St. Aubyn has spent the last seven years in hellish captivity. Now half mad with fever he bursts into his ancestral home and demands his due. Can this wild-looking man truly be the last earl’s heir, thought murdered by Indians years ago?


Beatrice Corning, the niece of the present earl, is a proper English miss. But she has a secret: No real man has ever excited her more than the handsome youth in the portrait in her uncle’s home. Suddenly, that very man is here, in the flesh-and luring her into his bed.


Only Beatrice can see past Reynaud’s savagery to the noble man inside. For his part, Reynaud is drawn to this lovely lady, even as he is suspicious of her loyalty to her uncle. But can Beatrice’s love tame a man who will stop at nothing to regain his title-even if it means sacrificing her innocence?

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Hannah Howell is one of my all-time favorite authors. I don’t even have to read the blurb of her books, just buy them when I see her name. *g*


Secrecy and intrigue ignite dangerous passions in New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell’s seductive new novel…

It is whispered throughout London that the members of the Wherlocke family are possessed of certain unexplainable gifts. But Lord Ashton Radmoor is skeptical—until he finds an innocent beauty lying drugged and helpless in the bedroom of a brothel.

The mystery woman is Penelope Wherlocke, and her special gift of sight is leading her deep into a dangerous world of treachery and betrayal. Ashton knows he should forget her, yet he’s drawn deeper into the vortex of her life, determined to keep her safe. But Penelope is no ordinary woman, and she’s never met the man strong enough to contend with her unusual abilities.

Until now…

If He’s Sinful
Author: Hannah Howell
Pub Date: November 24, 2009
Imprint: Zebra
Format: Paperback

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This series by Alison is another one I’ve been collecting to hopefully start reading soon. 🙂 So many books…lol


Only Something This Dangerous…

After three weeks in Manhattan, Kingdom Trahan is ready to get back to bayous, crawfish boils, and afternoons fishing on the Gulf. But before he can pull out of the parking garage, he meets a curvy detour. King noticed Cady Kowalski on the photo shoot he just endured—sexy and confident, with a waifish look that belies the way she corralled him into submission using only a can of hairspray. Yet Cady isn’t confident now. She’s bruised, edgy, and desperate to get out of town…

Could Feel This Good…

For years, Cady has been looking over her shoulder, wondering when the gang of drug-running criminals who killed her brother would make their move on her. She’s grown used to having no one to turn to, no one to trust. But King isn’t walking away—not even when their lives are threatened, again and again. Drawing Cady’s pursuers out of hiding is the only way to end this, and it’s also the most reckless thing they can do…short of diving into a red-hot affair from which there’s no turning back…

With Extreme Pleasure
Author: Alison Kent
Pub Date: November 24, 2009
Imprint: Brava
Format: Trade Paperback

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Karen’s books are always fun to read.


Set Phasers To Sizzle…

Special agent Roan Hendrix is a straight shooter with weapons and women, so he doesn’t appreciate it when his boss throws him a curve. But what a curve. A half-human, half-Nerakian who needs a one-on-one crash course in how best to channel her powers. And while Roan’s usually a master at separating business from pleasure, one glance into Lyraka’s green eyes is enough to spark scorching fantasies of seriously close encounters with the tall, tanned temptress…

Lyraka’s trying not to mind the way Mister Macho Special Agent keeps barking orders, but it’s impossible to ignore Roan’s rough-and-ready appeal. The sensitive ponytail guys Lyraka grew up with didn’t have a clue how to handle her outsized sex drive, but Roan looks like he’d be up to the task in every way. Better still, he never got the memo that Lyraka’s human side makes her—ahem—“special talents” even greater than the average Nerakian’s.…

Dating Outside Your DNA
Author: Karen Kelley
Pub Date: November 24, 2009
Imprint: Brava
Format: Trade Paperback

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I love Terri’s Harlequin Historicals and her first Brava book comes out in December. Can’t wait for it!


In the first of a breathtaking trilogy set against the stark beauty of medieval Scotland, one man discovers a surprising past, a remarkable gift—and a terrible destiny…

Once, Connor believed that his ability to see the future would grant him everything. Instead, it landed him in a prison of his own making. Summoned by the Lord of the Isles to serve as his counselor, Connor gains wealth and prestige, but with every vision, his own sight dims. Even so, Connor doesn’t grasp the terrible consequences of his gift until he’s wounded by a young woman who blames him for her family’s massacre.

Moira curses herself for failing to kill the Seer—especially when she learns her punishment is to be given to him as a slave. Far from the proud, arrogant tyrant she imagined, Connor is a tortured man with a dark sensuality that tempts her night after night. But freeing him from a strange power that is spiraling out of control will mean forsaking her vow and risking her heart for the one man she has sworn to destroy…

A Storm Of Passion
Author: Terri Brisbin
Pub Date: November 24, 2009
Imprint: Brava
Format: Trade Paperback

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I love this cover for Donna’s next book!


Buckle up. Enjoy the view.

Jake McKenna fixes planes, not people. Compared to an engine, humans are high-maintenance and unpredictable—which is why Jake has zero interest in indulging his sister’s request that he play tour guide and rent-a-date to her boss’s visiting stepdaughter. Still, Lauren Matthews is nothing like the uptight, reed-skinny workaholic he expected. She’s curvy—deliciously so. Funny. Open. And convinced that there’s more to her mother’s hasty marriage to the local mayor than meets the eye.

Leaving her fast-track Washington career is the most impulsive thing Lauren has ever done—right until the moment she arrives in Cedar Springs, Colorado. Everything about sexy, enigmatic pilot Jake tempts Lauren to unleash her inner bad girl and let him take her places she’s never been…even as her snooping around town provokes some extremely hostile reactions. At this altitude, losing your head is easy. Trusting your heart can cost you everything…

A Great Kisser
Author: Donna Kauffman
Pub Date: October 27, 2009
Imprint: Brava
Format: Trade Paperback

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Can’t find a blurb for this just yet but have found an excerpt. I need to get up to date with this series before this comes out. 😉 Will update when I find blurb.

*ETA: I got the blurb! Shiloh was generous enough to answer my email to her about it. Thanks Shiloh!



Duke is bitter. A shapeshifter betrayed by the psychic powers of Analise Morell, he cannot forgive her for putting him in the clutches of a feral vampire, but he also can’t shake his desire for her. And when she needs a Hunter, Duke must face his demons – and hers.


Desperate voices are battering Ana’s psychic shields. A serial killer with extraordinary powers is about to strike again, and the tormented souls of his previous victims are screaming for her help. But Ana can’t understand why they want her?

Their INSATIABLE desire

After what she did to him, Ana is sure Duke must be using her, but if he is, so be it. Ana can’t fight her longing for him, can’t fight the desire that’s haunted her for years.  For Duke, every fiber of his soul – both the man and the cougar within – yearns to protect and possess her.

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*still playing with random.org*


Fantasy Dreamer!

Congratulations, Fantasy Dreamer, you’ve won a signed copy of Red, the first title in Jordan Summers’ Dead World trilogy. Please email me your physical addres to azteclady1 at yahoo dot com within 48 hrs so we can post your prize out to you.

(Make sure to post here if you don’t get a reply from me confirming receipt of your information)

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(I love random.org)


Congratulations, Debby!

You have won a signed copy of one of Ms Cornelison’s novels. Go visit her website to choose the title and then email me at azteclady1 at yahoo dot com with your choice and your physical mailing address, within 48 hours, so we can get your book to you!

(Make sure to post here if you don’t get a reply from me confirming receipt of your information)

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Once again, via the magic that is random.org, we have a winner!


Congratulations, Armenia, you’ve won a signed copy of Wendy Wax’s most recent novel, The Accidental Bestseller!
Please contact me at azteclady1 at yahoo dot com within 48hrs with your physical address so we can get the book out to you as soon as possible.

(Make sure to post here if you don’t get a reply from me confirming receipt of your information)

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