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If you’re not afraid of the big bad wolf… you should be.

Welcome to the near-future where prejudice is no longer tied to the color of your skin, but the purity of your blood. To be accused of taint is tantamount to a death sentence.

Thrust into a world of creatures Gina ‘Red’ Santiago never knew existed, she does her best to fit in while trying to come to grips with the fact that she’s a werewolf. The transition from International Police Tactical Team officer to unpaid recruiter is not an easy one, especially when her new boyfriend, Morgan is an alpha werewolf, the local sheriff of Nuria–and her new boss.

Morgan Hunter is doing his best to ease Red into her new life. She’s only beginning to understand the ‘Others’ and the power that they yield.

That’s why he hasn’t mentioned that he’s claimed her as his mate. Well, that and the fact he’s not exactly sure how she’d take the news.

There are some things even an alpha werewolf fears.

Their newfound happiness is about to be shattered by a past Morgan thought was long buried. Someone doesn’t want them to succeed at recruiting ‘Others’ for a rival tactical team. They will do whatever it takes to prevent a team from forming, even if that means killing off the new recruits and tearing the couple apart.

Now along with trying to hold their relationship together, Red and Morgan must stop the killer before they strike again. If they survive, there is that little problem of a blood war looming on the horizon.

Looks like it’s going to be a long, hot summer.


I bet if you asked most paranormal romance writers if they’ve ever experienced anything, well, paranormal you’d get about a fifty/fifty split. The percentage would drop quite a bit if you asked if their experience/s  was/were why they decided to write paranormals. If you asked them if they were drawn to things that go bump in the night, then I’m guessing you’d be batting thousand. *g*

I confess to having a love for monsters. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember…thanks to a mom who liked to stay up to watch old black and white monster movies every weekend.  I’m sure they sunk into my four/five year old brain, infecting it with possibilities. It also didn’t hurt that we lived in a hundred year old farmhouse at the time. Did I mention it was haunted?

Now I never saw the ghost. Didn’t even realize it was a ghost. I was young and to me anything ‘invisible’ that sat next you on your bed WAS a monster. Yes, I was terrified, but I know what I experienced. It wasn’t until years later I spoke with my mom about it. She seemed to think it was the old farmer who used to live in the house. Did I forget to mention that he died there? Probably a good thing I didn’t know that at the time. Gulp.

I’m sure these experiences among others played into what would eventually become a writer’s mind. I’ve only used one such experience in a short story. For some reason, they seemed too ‘personal’ to exploit.

To my knowledge, I’ve never seen a werewolf or a vampire. (Thank goodness.) The closest I’ve come is imagining what it would REALLY be like at night if they existed. The thought of having to be as skilled as Buffy in order to get to my car was very unappealing. Although, I did know a guy in Hollywood that had a coffin in his apartment. He preferred sleeping in it instead of his bed or so he said. I didn’t ask any questions I didn’t want to know the answers to and I got out of there quickly. As I recall, he was VERY pale. Didn’t get a chance to check his teeth.  Missed opportunities. *g*

So this is what I’m wondering, have any of you experienced anything supernatural? If so, what? Does anyone believe they’ve ever seen a werewolf or a vampire and lived to tell the tale?


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