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A Bravo's Honor



Luke Bravo was stunned when Mercy Cabrera showed up in the middle of the night to treat his prize stud. The exotic girl he remembered had matured into a skilled vet—and a sultry, passionate woman he knew he should steer clear of at all costs.

Luke was a Bravo—reason enough to keep her distance. But Mercy had loved the rugged rancher since she was sixteen. And when their simmering attraction led to a night of intense passion, she knew she’d risk everything for a future together….

Bravo Family Ties… Stronger than ever

I must say upfront that my Dad is a great guy.  A dedicated family man, still married to my mom after 60+ years.  So I don’t know where I got my weakness for writing about dads who cause no end of trouble in their long-suffering families.

I don’t know where that came from.  But it’s true:  I love to give my characters a bad dad and his troublesome influence to overcome.  First it was Oggie Jones, patriarch of the Jones clan of North Magdalene, California.  Oggie was an inveterate matchmaker and butter-in-er.  He loved nothing so much as to run everybody’s life.

But at least he was more amusing—well, at least I hope he was—than evil.  Evil came next.

Blake Bravo was a serial polygamist, murderer and kidnapper.  He married women all over the country and gave them children—the future H and h’s of a number of Bravo stories.  His many children grew up hardly knowing him—but generally fearing him.  A dad like Blake Bravo is a lot to overcome.

And now there’s Davis Bravo, patriarch of the San Antonio branch of the family.  Davis is devoted to his family.  He wants his seven sons and two daughters to marry into money and influence.  cr_tbbAnd he’s willing to go pretty far to discourage them when they fall in love with someone he considers not “good” enough.

Davis isn’t hopeless.  Honestly.  But he needs to learn some serious lessons.  In A BRAVO’S HONOR, he begins to get what’s coming to him.

So who’s your favorite bad guy of all time?  Did you love it when he got his?


You can read more about all the Bravos and their stories by visiting Ms Rimmer’s website. Also, leave a comment to enter a drawing for a signed copy of her April release, The Bravo Bachelor.

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