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Aldwin Treynarde is ordered by his lord Geoffrey de Lanceau to retrieve a stolen ruby pendant before it falls into enemy hands.  If Aldwin excels in his duty, he might be awarded knighthood and even be welcomed back into the family he disgraced years ago.

Lady Leona Ransley wants only to trade the pendant for the reward and vanish.  When she arranges a meeting in a seedy tavern, she never expected to face Aldwin, a childhood playmate who almost caused her death.  Not recognizing Leona, and believing her to be a courtesan with information on his lord’s enemies, Aldwin takes Leona hostage and spirits her away, meaning to deliver her and the pendant to de Lanceau.

She, however, fights him at every chance.  Aldwin desires his warrior captive more than any noble lady he’s ever met; when he discovers who she really is, he knows he has one last chance to protect her life.  Only by resolving the past and fighting side by side can Aldwin and Leona defeat the conspirators and surrender to their greatest temptation: love.

I’m very excited to be here to chat about my latest release, A Knight’s Temptation, Book 3 of my award-winning medieval Knight’s Series.

I loved writing A Knight’s Temptation, and not just because I was able to further indulge my personal fascination with the Middle Ages.  I adored my leading characters.  There’s something really invigorating about writing scenes between a duty-driven alpha-male hero and a heroine who refuses to do as he expects.  The push and tug between Aldwin Treynarde and Lady Leona Ransley made for some pulse-pounding, sizzling, poignant, and downright funny scenes.  There were times when sparks practically crackled across my keyboard.  Whew!

Aldwin is not the naïve young squire readers first met in A Knight’s Vengeance (Series Book 1)  He’s a hardened warrior who’s had to live with the dishonor of shooting Geoffrey de Lanceau with a crossbow bolt (from A Knight’s Vengeance).  By succeeding in his important quest for de Lanceau—retrieving a stolen ruby pendant that de Lanceau’s enemies would sell to finance an uprising against him—Aldwin hopes to earn knighthood.  Achieving that honor is his greatest temptation.

That is, until he meets my heroine, Leona Ransley.  She’s far from the delicate, perfectly-mannered lady Aldwin idealized in his younger days.  Risking her own safety, she snatched the pendant from her drunken father’s safekeeping at Pryerston Keep and arranged a meeting in a tavern to exchange the jewel for the reward.  She’s very devoted to her father—but smart enough to know his guests, who gave him the pendant, are up to no good.  Readers of A Knight’s Vengeance will be familiar with Baron Sedgewick and his wicked lover, Veronique, who have returned to Moydenshire to overthrow de Lanceau.  Veronique is now the mother of a little boy, de Lanceau’s illegitimate son he doesn’t know he fathered until well into this book.

When Aldwin meets up with Leona to get the pendant, he doesn’t recognize her—although she definitely recalls him.  Years ago, when they were children, he ordered her tied to a tree in a game of “rescue the damsel,” not realizing she was standing over a bees’ nest.  Stung many times, Leona almost died.  But she survived, and now, realizing her father and the good folk of Pryerston need her help to oust the conspirators, she’ll do all she can to ensure that happens, while being careful not to implicate her sire as a traitor.

Aldwin, however, senses she knows more about the pendant than she’s willing to admit.  He takes her hostage, planning to deliver her to de Lanceau for questioning.  Determined to escape, Leona refuses to cooperate.  As I said, the sparks were a-crackling.  J Meanwhile, with Veronique and the baron trying to get back the pendant, the scenario makes for (I hope) one thrilling, romantic adventure in the Middle Ages—an era I gladly venture into again as I write the next series book.

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