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We have a winner! The winner of Deidre’s post is………….


Congrats Willa!

Please email me at mad @ romancereaderatheart.com (without the spaces), with your preferred format choice, so we can get the book out to you.

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One day, a dysfunctional office, and a budding romance.

Anne Wyatt has finally had it with incompetent co-workers, a boss who runs hot and cold, and meaningless busywork with impossible deadlines. But the day she goes in determined to hand in her resignation, she learns that her boss is planning to let someone go. She changes course, deciding to try for the lay-off and the severance package that goes with it.

Throughout the day, she engages in hysterical antics designed to attract her boss’ negative evaluation, egged on by Ken, the handsome graphic designer in the next cubicle, who has his own ideas for liberation from the corporate grind. In the end, together Anne and Ken have to decide what is important in life, and what they need to discard without a second glance.

Fire Me! by Libby Malin

“Anne Wyatt heads into work one fine spring morning determined to hand in her resignation. She has a new job lined up thousands of miles away and is ready to make a fresh start, away from her crazy and charismatic boss. But when that boss announces at a morning staff meeting he will lay off an employee by the end of the day, Anne changes course and decides to ditch her resignation letter, going for the pink slip and the generous severance package that goes with it instead.

Throughout the day, Anne engages in a series of hilarious hijinks—all designed to earn her boss’ wrath and the lay-off he’s promised by day’s end. But as the clock ticks the hours away and Anne’s antics ratchet up to hysterical levels, she makes some important discoveries about herself, about her co-workers—especially cubicle neighbor and graphic designer Ken–about life, and about love.”

Thanks for having me a guest on your wonderful site! I’ve spent some time browsing and am humbled and awed to be in such great company.

My book Fire Me! is a comedy with some gentle romance along the way. While it’s filled with smiles (and, I hope, some outright laughs!), the core of the story centers around a young woman who thinks she has mapped out a straight path to a goal, only to face an unexpected crossroads.

Anne Wyatt begins the book with a clear objective in mind—hand in her resignation and move on. Even when she decides to alter course by trying to be the employee chosen for the lay-off, she still believes she is headed toward her original goal of the new job and new life. It’s only through the course of the day—the book takes place in one twenty-four hour period—that she begins to reevaluate her choices, both past and future, and stare a Big Decision smack in the face.

I’m hoping I captured those moments of epiphany that sometimes sneak up on all of us when we’re rock solid sure we should be headed one way and boom, something happens to make us wonder if that direction is right after all. And I hope I also captured a delicious sense of “what if..” What if we deliberately tried to be the slackers, instead of striving for “Employee of the Year”? What if we could do all those things we’ve secretly wanted to do when an irritating boss pushed us to the limits? Fire Me! answers those questions! For more about the book and me, you can visit my website at www.LibbysBooks.com

— Libby

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