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This week my latest Jamesville book, Past Promises, released from Samhain Publishing.


For Linda Fletcher, the sign in front of her new business says it all. Past Promises Antiques is her declaration of independence from her powerful and manipulative family—and a vow to herself that her future will be different.

She never considered herself the no-strings-affair type, but the chemistry between her and her newly hired handyman is too intense to ignore. Moving to Jamesville was a bold step, so what’s the harm in taking one more—into his arms?

Levi Mann’s shadowed past keeps his bags packed light and his feet on the move. But one look at Linda, and he finds himself willing to hang around—just long enough to figure out what it is that triggers their explosive passion.

I can certainly relate to the heroine, Linda Fletcher, because I have a passion for yard sales, thrift stores, second-hand shops and antique stores. Not that I have a lot of cash to spend in them, but you can get some great stuff without spending a lot. There are treasures out there just waiting to be found.

Yard sales are the best place to find bargains simply because folks want the stuff gone. A few years ago, I got a great tea set of vintage transfer ware, complete with milk jug and sugar dish. The older gentlemen selling it thought I was crazy to want it all. He wanted fifty cents for each piece, but ended up selling all of it to me for around six dollars. Most of my dishes don’t match. I buy what I like. My dream is to eventually have a place setting for eight, where every person has a different pattern.

I found a beautiful silver pendant for my sister at a thrift store. It wasn’t vintage, but I knew she’d love it. I paid two bucks for it, gave it to her this past Christmas and she’s been wearing it every time I’ve seen her since.

Whether you have an interest in kitchenware, jewelry, games, ephemera, furniture, tools, or whatever, you can find it if you’re willing to look.

That’s the type of store I wanted Past Promises to be when I wrote the book. I think Linda succeeded in creating the kind of shop I’d love to own, or at least visit.

You can check out Past Promises, or any other book in the Jamesville series at http://samhainpublishing.com/authors/n-j-walters .

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