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Round one of the DABWAHA Final Four started today. Please go vote for IRON KISSED by Patricia Briggs!

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We have a winner! The winner of Laura’s post is………….


Congrats Wendy!

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We have a winner! The winner of S.J.’s post is………….


Congrats Barb!

Please email me your address at mad @ romancereaderatheart.com (without the spaces) so we can get the book out to you.

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We have some winners! The winners of Lauren’s and Megan’s post are………….

Blanche!! Please email Megan at readinbed@gmail.com with your song choice and email addy for iTunes.


Rachie!! Please email Lauren at laurendane@laurendane.com with your song choice and email addy for iTunes.

Congrats ladies!

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We have a winner! The winner of Larissa’s post is………….


Congrats Sharon!

Please email me your address at mad @ romancereaderatheart.com (without the spaces) so we can get the book out to you.

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All Gabe Bravo wanted was to convince Mary Hofstetter to sell him her land. But the young widow had barely told him to hightail it off her property before going into labor. Being an honorable Bravo bachelor, he stayed by her side, even after her little bundle of joy appeared.

There was no denying Gabe had declared himself permanently single—and proud of it. But with his feelings for Mary growing deeper, he was suddenly torn: walk away from mother and child, or do what he’d sworn he’d never do—get hitched!

Have you any idea how long I’ve been writing romance?

If you say “too long,” well, at least I can’t hear you. 🙂

The answer would be: a very long time.

Before romance, I tried everything from poetry to plays to short stories and self-help books. But once I wrote my first romance, I was hooked. I’ve been a romance writer since my lone Harlequin Temptation first hit the stands—back when Ronald Reagan was president. I’ve written across lines and imprints, but the majority of my books have been for Silhouette Special Edition.

And the majority of my Special Edition books have been about the Bravo family. I started with the Bravos back at the end of the last century. Seriously. I did. There were only supposed to be three Bravo books—the first three, THE NINE-MONTH MARRIAGE, MARRIAGE BY NECESSITY and PRACTICALLY MARRIED. My plan was that I wouldn’t get all bogged down in a never-ending series of stories about the same group of people the way I had with the wild and woolly Jones Gang of North Magdalene California.

So much for my plan. There were ten Jones Gang books. At the time I started with the Bravos, ten seemed like a lot. Now, though, not so much. As of today, I’m writing number twenty-seven in the Bravo family saga, with three more to go in the branch of the family I’m working on now, the new Texas Bravos.

And when I get done with the new Texas Bravos? There will be more. Many more. They’re way prolific, those Bravos. And so am I.

This month brings the release of THE BRAVO BACHELOR, Bravo family story #24, in which family “fixer” Gabe Bravo arrives at Mary Hofstetter’s ranch to convince her to sell her land to BravoCorp. Gabe can coax the toughest customers around to his point of view. But not Mary. She’s a special kind of woman, one who knows what matters in life and is not letting any smooth-talking rich guy change her mind.

Jane of Dear Author liked this story. You can read her review here.

If you haven’t given the Bravos a try, I hope you will. If you like them, there are plenty. And more coming. Many, many more.

And now we’re on the subject of you, well, what about you? Do you enjoy series? Which ones? Or do you prefer your books totally stand-alone?

And if you’d like a taste of the Bravos, just leave a comment here between today and Sunday to win a signed copy of Bravo family story #23, THE STRANGER AND TESSA JONES, which came out this past January. Fatin will draw three winners on Sunday evening.


After being dumped by her boyfriend, Tessa wasn’t taking nonsense from any man. But how could she turn away this injured stranger who’d stumbled onto her property in the middle of a blizzard? A man who didn’t know who he was or how he’d ended up in the California Sierras…

He couldn’t recall his name, but there was no mystery about his tender passion for the woman who’d saved his life. With no memory of the past—only recurring images of a Texas ranch—what could he offer Tessa? Just a life together, if she was willing to take a risk on the future, no matter where it led….

Good Luck!




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