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Found this at Amazon tonight. Nina Bruhns first single title, SHOOT TO THRILL, coming out August 4, 2009. Another one to add to my wishlist! 🙂


A disillusioned black-ops hero is kidnapped by his ruthless former employers and forced to go on a suicide mission back to the scene of his worst betrayal—-but an innocent woman is caught in the trap and sent with him, forcing him to choose: her life, or his vengeance.

KYLE “KICK” JACKSON is a bona fide bad-ass. The product of a rough childhood and a youth spent proving how tough he was, Kick was the perfect CIA black-ops operative. Right up until the fateful mission that left his best friend dead and Kick in the hospital for months. They were betrayed…from the inside. Now his former bosses will stop at nothing, including kidnapping, to get him back to complete his mission.

Unfortunately, there is a complication. A big one.

LORRAINE “RAINIE” MARTIN is a fiercely dedicated ER nurse—-a vocation decided upon when her parents were killed in a brutal carjacking. But the impenetrable fortress of safety she has erected around herself and her heart do no good when she finds herself stranded in the unforgiving desert, dependent on a dangerous man without mercy for her very survival…and the only way home is to confront her worst fears.

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Courtney Glass has been in trouble all her life, but nothing tops being an up-close witness to a brutal murder. Until she’s accused of the crime. Every scrap of evidence points to her guilt, and now Courtney must prove to police that she’s not a murderer, but she is one of the killer’s intended victims. As investigators hammer her for answers, Courtney knows she has two choices: run, or trust the brooding, sexy detective who’s made it clear she’s his prime suspect.

Thanks so much for inviting me to RR@H Novel Thoughts and Book Talk!

I’m so excited to talk about my new release, WHISPER OF WARNING.  It’s a romantic thriller set in my native Texas. Oh, and I may as well go ahead and tell you there aren’t any cowboys in this particular story.

But if you like sexy, brooding detectives, please keep reading.

Honestly, this was such a fun book to write.  The main character, Courtney Glass, is one of those people I just wish I could be. She’s bold, impulsive, opinionated, and not afraid to go after what she wants. Courtney has a way of landing herself in trouble, and that?s what happens at the story?s outset when she finds herself involved in a brutal murder. Things only get worse when she starts falling for the homicide cop who?s investigating her case. These two are nothing alike, and it’s definitely a case of opposites attract.

WHISPER OF WARNING is a follow-up to my last romantic suspense novel, THREAD OF FEAR. But the stories are independent, so you don’t need to read the first to understand what is going on. And my next book features characters you’ll meet in WHISPER OF WARNING. Details coming soon!

I hope you’ll love this story! And if you’d like to win a free book, please email me at laura@lauragriffin.com with the subject line “Romance Reader @ Heart” and I’ll enter you in the drawing! Happy reading!

— Laura


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