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Had to go to the bank today and while I was sitting in the drive thru lane, waiting for the lady to give me my deposit slip back, I was reading more of Jaci’s RIDING ON INSTINCT and we started talking about romance novels. She told me she’s new to the genre, that she used to be a big non-fiction, true-crime and history reader but that it became too much at times and she’s decided she wanted “lighter” stuff. She’s now gotten into Nora Roberts, Danielle Steel (I don’t consider her romance) and Jackie Collins. She asked for recommends and I told her it depends on what she’s in the mood for. 😉 She said “just give me any names so I can check them out.” So I broke it down for her a bit and gave her different authors for different categories. So who would you recommend? I told her I’d go back next week and give her a fuller list of authors to check out. *G*
So help me out….fill in the blanks below…
Sweet Romances:

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