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For the past few months I’ve been strongly hinting to hubby and the girls that I want a new e-reader…didn’t have a preference as to which one, just told them I wanted one and today the UPS guy delivered this to me!


Weeeeeee! It’s currently charging as I type this post and I can’t wait to get it up and running and download some books on it. It looks so pretty! Only thing that sucks is that it came without a cover so I must go order one because I don’t want this baby getting damaged. I guess all my hinting worked! ROFL

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Hi, Fatin, thanks for having me! This blog kicks off the virtual tour for the release of my next book, an urban fantasy called BLUE DIABLO. Here’s a blurb:

Right now, I’m a redhead. I’ve been blonde and brunette as the situation requires, though an unscheduled color change usually means relocating in the middle of the night. So far, I’m doing well here. Nobody knows what I’m running from. And I’d like to keep it that way…

Eighteen months ago, Corine Solomon crossed the border to Mexico City, fleeing her past, her lover, and her “gift”. Corine, a handler, can touch something and know its history—and sometimes, its future. Using her ability, she can find the missing—and that’s why people never stop trying to find her. People like her ex, Chance…

Chance, whose uncanny luck has led him to her doorstep, needs her help. Someone dear to them both has gone missing in Laredo, Texas, and the only hope of finding her is through Corine’s gift. But their search may prove dangerous as the trail leads them into a strange dark world of demons and sorcerers, ghosts and witchcraft, zombies—and black magic…

You can read the first chapter here if you want. Sound cool?

Well, I’m about to sweeten the deal. I’m doing the first BLUE DIABLO arc giveaway right here, right now. FIVE random commenters will be chosen to read and review the book, well before the street date. Are you excited? Sweet. It gets better. I’m also running a totally kick-ass contest, which I know you’ll want to check out.

Now let’s move on to the meat of the post (because you knew it wasn’t going to be all pom-poms, right?) Here comes the million-dollar question. No, wait, make that two questions.

What is paranormal romance? How does it compare to urban fantasy?

First, here are my definitions.

Paranormal romance tells a love story between two supra-human individuals, and the arc is generally wrapped up in one book. The people at Teach Me Tonight have written a bunch of clever things about defining paranormal romance. If you want a more in depth consideration, you can find it here.

Urban fantasy is more action-oriented and it centers on one protagonist, and his / her personal journey. While there may be a romantic subplot, it’s not always the main thrust of the book. If you’d like more info on that, there’s a lovely Wiki written up, which arguably demonstrates just how hot this sub-genre of fantasy has become.

At any rate, that seems to draw a line, doesn’t it? Tells us what’s what. It shouldn’t be a problem, therefore, to classify what we’re reading.

But what about books like those by Eileen Wilks? She writes about the relationship between Lily and Rule. Though the couple is together by the end of book one, there are more adventures in the series, still detailing the evolution of said relationship. So which is it? If a paranormal romance is not contained in one book, does this then become urban fantasy?

But wait, I have more pepper for the soup. What happens if the hero and heroine break up, as they do in Jeaniene Frost’s first book, HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE? Does that failure to complete the HEA in one volume negate the romance classification, defaulting it to urban fantasy?

It’s an interesting question, I think, and I’d love to hear your thoughts. So chime in!

ETA by Mad: Forgot to list the rules about winning the ARC! Sorry!

A) Winners promise to post a review online somewhere by March 25th.
B) Winners will be selected within 24hrs.
C) Winners must be contact Azteclady (at azteclady1 @ gmail.com) (without the spaces) with their physical addresses asap so she can mail the ARCs (the sooner she mails the ARCs the more time you have to read and then write your review)
D) Winners must send link to online review to either Ann or Azteclady by March 25th. And for double exposure, feel free to email me the link/review too and you can be a guest reviewer here at Novel Thoughts.

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