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Please email me at mad @ romancereaderatheart.com (without the spaces) and let me know what format you’d like the e-book in so we can get the book out to you.

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Princess Elwytha wants revenge on the monster who murdered her brother. In a false exchange for peace, she offers herself in marriage to the enemy Prince. The plan? Kill the Prince’s battle-scarred Commander—the man who ended King Thor’s life with one filthy sword thrust through the back.

To her horror, the Commander agrees to take Elwytha as his bride. Worse, the wedding date will be sooner than expected. Not all is lost, however. Now she has more opportunity to be alone with him–and exact justice.

But the deed is not so easy now. Fighting her innate sense of honor, she begins to see the ironclad integrity of the man behind the scars. And with this knowledge comes doubt. Did he slay her brother? What exactly is the new king’s plan? Whom can she trust? Elwytha must decide well, for more than her life is at stake. Soon she must betray either allegiance to her kingdom–or the man who is quickly claiming her heart.

I’m so pleased and honored to have the opportunity to tell you about my historical romance novel, The Commander’s Desire, at “Novel Thoughts and Book Talk” today. In addition, I’m thrilled to have received a “Top Pick” rating from “Romance Reader at Heart”! Here is a little of what Sheila Smith wrote about The Commander’s Desire:

“Ms. Green’s portrayal of the Commander was refreshing. He was kind and caring without being wimpy, and it takes a talented author to bring that out in a character without losing the effect of being a strong alpha warrior while keeping the reader’s interest at the same time….THE COMMANDER’S DESIRE is definitely a keeper—you won’t want to stop reading until you get to the end. And even then, the story is still exciting.”

Here is a short excerpt of The Commander’s Desire:

“Give me your blades,” The Commander growled down at her.
Fear pounded in Elwytha’s chest, and she licked her dry lips. “You found no blades when you pawed through my clothes. The maid found none on my person. Perhaps that is because I have none.”
“I don’t trust you.”
She smiled. As well you shouldn’t. However, she said, “How can we have a marriage with no trust?”
“Come with me.” He forced her toward the door. “You will not return to this room.”
“But my clothes!”
“You will have new clothes. Clothes with no holes for pockets. Clothes that provide no access to the blade at your thigh.”
“Nonsense.” Unthinking, she struggled and then, to her consternation, he picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder. She cried out in fear and horrified humiliation. “Put me down!” She pounded on his broad back. “Put me down, you monstrous serf!”
He strode, silent, through the halls. She squeezed her eyes shut, unwilling to see the others witnessing her humiliation.
“Put me down. Put me down at once!” she gasped. She bit her lip, trying to stop the weak tears of a woman, not a warrior. She sniffed and finally stopped struggling, and hung down his back. His belt about his jerkin was within reach. If only she could loose it, she could cinch it around his massive neck!
“Where are you taking me?” she demanded, voice muffled. Perhaps if she pretended submission he would return her to her feet. And if she found a dagger, she’d gladly plunge it through his heart.
“To my chambers.”
“Nay!” she gasped out, and struggled in earnest then. “I have decided you are unacceptable to me. You have none of the finer qualities I require in a husband!”

The Commander’s Desire was a lot of fun to write. I enjoyed writing feisty Elwytha’s character and helping her transform from a young woman ruled by her family to a woman who could stand on her own.

As I wrote the novel, I often wondered how I would react to being bartered like merchandise for peace. Would I blindly follow my family’s dictates and seek revenge on the man who murdered my brother? Yes, probably at first, just like Elwytha. After all, she’d been taught to hate the enemy from the moment she was born. Only one thing would make me reconsider my deep-bred prejudice—meeting the enemy and discovering him to be a man of integrity, patience, and unmovable strength.

I loved writing the Commander’s character. Deep inside, I think we all want a hero we can look up to, respect and trust. Although his scarred face and fearsome reputation are strikes against him, the Commander challenges Elwytha’s preconceived judgments. As she struggles to discover who he really is, she must face deeper decisions, too. What is the true path of honor? Killing her family’s enemy…or following the convictions of her own heart?

I hope you enjoy The Commander’s Desire! Please stop by and visit my website, www.jennettegreen.com, or visit me on MySpace, www.myspace.com/jennettegreen. I love the opportunity to meet new friends.

~ Jennette

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