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Mr. February: Gabe “the Pirate” Piretti, business mogul

Vital Statistics: Rich, ruthless—and relentless!

Mission: Win back the one who got away.

Though she’d escaped him once, Gabe Piretti hadn’t forgotten Catherine Haile’s sharp mind and curvaceous body. His plans to reel her back into his life—and bed—were already brewing when she asked him to help save her ailing business.

He’d use her desperation to get what he wanted—Catherine. But what would happen when he had to make a choice between business and oh-so-seductive pleasure?

It’s a real pleasure for me to have an opportunity to appear on Novel Thoughts & Book Talk and introduce you to my February release, a Silhouette Desire Man of the Month. My hero, Gabe “The Pirate” Piretti will be appearing soon on MySpace, but since the site isn’t up and running, just yet, I thought I’d give all of you a sneak peek into the thoughts and opinions of this tough-as-nails businessman. He was a pleasure to write, and it was a true pleasure when Catherine Haile, our intrepid heroine, makes him eat every last word he writes below!

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Enjoy! Day Leclaire

Motto: “Mr. Strictly Business”

36 years old

Seattle, WA
United States

So… What’s wrong with keeping the work place strictly for work, while keeping personal relationships as far from the office as possible? And by personal relationships, I mean women.

I’ve had this discussion with various businessmen in Seattle for close to a decade now and you wouldn’t believe how diverse and divisive the divide, if you’ll excuse my alliteration. I’ve always maintained that they call it the business world for a reason. Because business is supposed to be conducted there. I know, I know. If you’re going to spend so much time in one place, you want to enjoy it. It’s incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to keep an arm’s length relationship with people you see more often than your family. I say, tough. There’s nothing wrong with being sociable, but the minute you step over that invisible line that keeps sociable from becoming personal, you’re in trouble. You’ve just let a tiger out of the cage and, trust me, you’re not going to like your office when that formerly sweet feline is done clawing your furniture and—son of a #$%&!—guess what that ticked off kitty just dumped on your carpet as her going away present.

A number of my colleagues—my single colleagues—look at the workplace as prime feeding ground. In their opinion, women are just as hungry as they are. I call these misguided smucks, Prowlers. “But what if it doesn’t work out?” I’ve asked them time and again. They shrug and unilaterally proclaim, “We move on.” But wait a minute… How well do you work with the woman in question, afterward? Now it gets a little stickier. Some laugh. Some cringe. Some get this hunted look around the eyes. And then the truth comes out. It depends on who does the dumping. Great. Sort of proves my point. (See dumped, previous paragraph.)

The next group of businessmen falls somewhere in that no man’s land, between the two camps. They’re not looking, either because they’re already married, or have an ounce of common sense still controlling their rampaging hormones, or (all too likely) have been burned before. I call these men, Bait. They’re Bait because they’re also not looking out for snares and traps that a wily kitty might set. That’s when they find themselves trapped and sold to the local zoo with a great, big sign that reads: Stupid Male, Easily Caught. He doesn’t realize it, but it’s open season on him and his other, equally stupid Bait pals. Worse, he’s more vulnerable and guilt-ridden than the more fickle Prowler (see 3rd paragraph) which also leaves Bait open to influence, tears, recriminations, and flat-out blackmail when the relationship ends. God help him if he’s kitty’s supervisor. He has no clue how he got into the situation, and even worse, not a glimmer of an idea how to get out of it. He might as well turn himself over to the taxidermist for a quick, professional skinning and prepare to live out his days beneath he dainty 4” spikes of the one who’s really in charge…Kitty.

Bottom Line: Take the advice of one who’s been there. Don’t—for the love of God—don’t share your litter box. Keep the workplace Strictly Business.

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