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The instant Beth Walker comes face-to-face with her new boss—tall, tanned and incredibly toned Aidan Voss—they can’t take their eyes off one another.

CEO Aidan has one rule of business: keep his personal life out of the office! But is Beth the exception to the rule? He may not be able to offer her any more than a hot-and-steamy fling, but he’s a master of seduction—and he’s moved Beth to the top of his to-do list….


I’m an avid reader. I devour books; have ever since I was a kid.

I read widely, across genres and could happily spend a day/week/month curled up with my nose in a book.

For me, part of the appeal of reading is getting engrossed in another world, being so absorbed in the characters’ lives that I’m almost there alongside them, laughing and crying and feeling their pain.

It’s sheer pleasure to be swept up in the fantasy as I turn the pages, eager to reach the end yet reluctant to do so because I love the story so much.

In my books, I tend to ground them in real settings, particularly my fabulous home city of Melbourne, which I adore!

So how do I blend fantasy with reality?

My current release, THE BOSS’S BEDROOM AGENDA (which has just hit the Waldenbooks Bestseller List!) started with a healthy dose of reality.

My kinder kid loves the museum and it was on one of our many treks there that this story started…As I walked those quiet, pristine, hallowed halls holding my kiddies’ hands, I wondered what it would be like to work at such a place if you were loud and exuberant and bubbly.

My heroine Beth Walker was born at that moment, an effervescent sprite with a shoe fetish and a permanent smile on her face. I was entranced.

I wanted a hero to tempt her, to challenge her, to shake her up a little (okay, a lot) and in strutted Aidan Voss, sexy archaeologist and stand-in CEO.
Well, he strutted into my imagination (I still scour those hallowed halls every time I visit the museum hoping for a glimpse of a fantasy guy like Aidan…)

Beth and Aidan are pure fantasy yet the setting is a reality. (And yes, I had to eat loads of fabulous cakes, all in the name of research, at Brunetti’s, another real place in Melbourne that features in the book. It’s a hard job, but somebody’s got to do it!)

Its fun doing first-hand research yet letting my imagination run free. I hope you all enjoy the results in THE BOSS’S BEDROOM AGENDA.

To celebrate its release I’m giving away a signed copy.

To win, share a fantasy with us (keep it clean, please!) in the comments. It could be a fantasy date, fantasy dinner, fantasy destination, fantasy celebrity. Go ahead, use your imaginations 🙂

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