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When his family’s nemesis tried to find a book of Druidic-elder spells. Druid Braeden Drake and his estranged wife, Alexia, must unite to prevent the evil force from unleashing a supreme reign of terror. But having Alexia return to Dragon’s Lair brings along another set of troubles. For not only does she make him senseless with desire, she’s also being followed by the enemy.

Though tragedy once drove them apart, Alexia didn’t count on her return igniting so many powerful emotions. But as each dark night descends, revisiting the marriage bed is a temptation she finds more and more difficult to resist. All too soon Alexia realizes her heart is as much at risk as her life…

Hi! Thanks, Fatin, for the chance to chat about Dragon’s Lair. I’m happy to be here at Novel Thoughts and Book Talk.

And I’m thrilled that my first paranormal (contemporary to boot) is hitting the shelves this week. This one has been a long time coming.

It started with Falcon’s Honor (Harlequin Historical – March 2005). While that story was a medieval, I kept seeing fantasy/paranormal snatches of Mirabilus—dragons, wizards, pendants, twins and of course Uncle Aelthed. But how was I going to take characters from a Harlequin novel somewhere else? A few years later I attended a chat where Leslie Wainger was the guest and she talked about the new line at Silhouette called Nocturne. Normally, I’m fairly low key and polite, but this wasn’t one of those times.

Since I didn’t have a vampire story in mind, I worried that I’d be so off the mark that it’d be pathetic. Don’t get me wrong, I love vampire stories as much as the next reader, but I wouldn’t want to write one. I’m afraid Barnabas Collins and Angelique would be sitting on my shoulder. Or worse, George Hamilton in the guise of Count Dracula “Love at First Bite”. Somehow I don’t think either scenario would be a good influence for creating a dark paranormal.

Besides, my first love was The Sword in the Stone, so I’m more of a Merlin, Madame Mim and purple dragon type gal.

Dragon’s Lair is a little darker than anything I’ve written so far, but it was fun to write, albeit challenging. I can’t help myself, I love reunion stories, so the hero and heroine (Braeden and Alexia) have a past–a big, huge PAST. They’re an estranged married couple, torn apart by misunderstandings, miscommunication and really bad tragic happenings. Yes, I realize that misunderstandings and miscommunications have little place in a romance novel, but honestly, when my dh and I were first married the “mis”es were the name of the game. He’d say blue, I’d hear red and off we’d go and visa versa. Thankfully we learned how that communication thing worked…mostly.

When Alexia’s life is threatened and she’s left with no choice but to go back Braeden, they have to learn how to communicate—easier said than done considering Braeden is the High Dragon Lord of Mirabilus and a little…bull headed. Worse, he comes with an interfering Aunt, a twin with attitude, a younger brother who doesn’t believe in magic, a cursed grimoire and an evil wizard who wants all of them dead. To make it even harder, let’s toss in a dragon and a spell they can’t seem to shake or control. And one step further – Alexia and Braeden literally have to work together to defeat the evil wizard.

Can they win? It’s a romance, of course they can. It’s the journey from past pain to love that’s the fun part. How much can they forgive? How far are they willing to bend to right the wrongs?

If you pick up Dragon’s Lair, I hope you enjoy Alexia and Braeden’s rock-strewn journey.

Take care and happy reading!

Denise Lynn

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