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Free-spirited Zoey Adler is about to hijack a federal agent. And not just any federal agent, but very Special Agent Dante Torelli, a man whose designer suits and Italian shoes are more GQ than FBI. But when her baby niece, Pete, is snatched right in front of her eyes, Zoey doesn’t hesitate to scramble into Dante’s spotless BMW. She needs his help to rescue the baby . . . if only she can ignore his Lips of Sin.

Dante’s original mission is down the drain and he’s dodging bullets with a loopy redhead by his side. He likes quiet. She never shuts up. He likes to follow the rules. She throws the rules out the window. But these opposites do more than attract—they ignite. With a henpecked hit man running wild, cooking-obsessed matrons chasing down contraband spices, and a relentless killer tracking them all, Dante and Zoey will risk everything—for themselves and . . .



One of the most common questions I get asked is: “Why do you write in two sub-genres?” The short answer is: Because it’s fun! The longer answer is a bit more complicated.

I began by writing historicals. The Raven Prince was the very first manuscript I wrote and I worked on that baby for three years, pounding it into shape. And since I’d always envisioned it as part of a trilogy, I wrote The Leopard Prince and The Serpent Prince soon thereafter. At about the time I finished TSP I finally looked around and found to my dismay that everyone was predicting the death of the historical. As it happens, the historical wasn’t really dead—it was just dozing a little—but I figured I’d better find a different sub-genre. Preferably one that would sell.

I’d always liked mysteries, but I wasn’t sure my voice was cut out for a straight mystery. I started thinking about the kinds of romances—both in book form and movie form—that I liked. And I kept coming back to the screwball comedies of the forties and fifties. Comedies like My Man Geoffrey (okay, technically, I think that’s a late twenties) Bringing up Baby and Some Like it Hot. Movies that had a little of everything—fast pace, smart dialogue, wild characters, and goofy comedy. I wanted to write a book like that. A book that was pure relaxation. A book that someone could read in a day at the beach.

So I wrote Hot. And then a funny thing happened—my historicals sold! Who’d’ve thunk? (Well, my agent for one—she never gave up on The Raven Prince even when I did!) We rapidly sold my two other Prince books and then we had this odd contemporary sitting around. So we sent that to my editor as well—and she loved it. Suddenly I had four books sold, two names, and my first book hadn’t even hit the shelves yet.

At this point frankly I could pretty much live off my Elizabeth Hoyt books. They’ve met with tons of reader enthusiasm and I’m very grateful. But I still like to write a goofy contemporary once in a while. Writing in a different sub-genre stretches my writing muscles, makes me think and dream in different ways, gives my writing—both historical and contemporary—a special freshness. Believe it or not, when I’m writing a contemporary I sometimes come up with my best historical ideas, and vice versa.

I love writing in two sub-genres, and I hope you’ll love reading For the Love of Pete, my newest contemporary.


Julia Harper www.juliaharper.com

Elizabeth Hoyt www.elizabethhoyt.com

*****Leave a comment for the chance to win a copy of FOR THE LOVE OF PETE! Good Luck! 🙂

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I posted a couple months ago that I got a box of goodies from author Lisa Renee Jones. I gave away a couple at that time and now it’s time to do another giveaway for the rest of the goodies I have. I’ve got six books to giveaway to a good home. 😉


Undercover agent Constantine Vega sacrificed three years of his life building up the case of a sinister drug lord. But only days before the trial, after threats against his life, Constantine is on the run with tantalizing federal prosecutor Nicole Ward—a desperate journey promising both sin and sensation…

Nicole has been trying her best to follow the rules…rules that she once broke with disastrous results. But the magnetic and passionate force of Constantine Vega threatens to unleash every tempestuous feeling inside her. With so much at stake, can she trust Constantine with her body—and her life?


As a leader of the Knights of White in the war between Good and Evil, the demon warrior known only as Des walks a fine line between beast and man. Sent into battle now to reclaim the ancient Journal of Solomon containing a list of angelic bloodlines before the Darkland Beasts find it, Des feels an overwhelming connection to its guardian Jessica Montgomery. Vibrant, alive, seductive….only she has the power to draw out the beast, soothe the man…and endanger them both.

Des can’t resist her touch, craving it like an addiction. Jessica might be his salvation. Or he might destroy them both….


Evil comes out of Nowhere…

Sarah is a mortal who hears the voices of spirits. Driven by tragedy, she chases sightings, investigating the supernatural. Called to Nowhere, Texas, she finds not ghosts, but terrible danger…and demons.

A soldier in the war between Good and Evil, Max is one of the oldest demons, stained by centuries of darkness, fighting to keep others safe without hope for himself.

Betrayal and loss haunt both of them, keeping them from finding peace. And yet, to save an entire town, Max and Sarah must do the impossible: let go of the past, and find a future with each other.

Love is their only weapon. Nowhere is the battleground.

This is their last chance.

I’ve got three copies of LONE STAR SURRENDER, two copies of BEAST OF DESIRE and one copy of BEAST OF DARKNESS. Fill out the Book Entry Form and let me know which book you’d like. First to email, first to claim. *G*

Once again, huge thanks to Lisa for donating the books for the giveaway!

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Author: Megan Hart & Lauren Dane

Series: Prequel to NO RESERVATIONS by Megan & Lauren that comes out September 3, 2009

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pub. Date: March 31, 2009 in the US, October 2008 in the UK
Page Count: 304
Why I Read It: Have had it in my e-TBR for several months and after reading RELENTLESS I was still in a Lauren Dane reading mood. *G*
Rating: B

Blurb: One conference, two friends, two men who know how to take care of business.

After leaving the wrong man, Leah Griffin’s not ready to look for the right one. All she wants is to survive the conference she’s planning and spend some time with her best friend Kate Edwards. She’s not expecting the conference services manager to be so tall, dark and handsome…or so eager to please. It’s Brandon Long’s job to make Leah happy, but after a scorching interlude in her hotel room, neither can deny business has become pleasure.

Smart, driven and successful attorney, Katherine Edwards has spent her life making the right choices. Directly counter to those right choices, she’s involved in a long distance, secret love affair with a co-worker. Charles Dixon is a bad choice she can’t help but make – over and over. A conference and a promotion bring Kate back to Pennsylvania and suddenly, Dix wants far more than a few nights in random hotel rooms. He wants something permanent and Katherine has to figure out if sometimes a wrong choice isn’t exactly what a woman needs.

First Sentence: “I expect you to be gone by the time I get home. You have until Friday.”

Favorite Quote: “Aw, beauty, you wreck me. I’m bare-boned and crazy for you.”

She held in a sob at the lyrical reference. Crash. Yeah, he’d crashed into her all right. She was the one wrecked, filled up with him until there was nowhere to hide. No way not to love him.

Brief Comments: Wasn’t sure how I’d like this story. Usually when it’s two stories going on in the same book, I always come away feeling that one of the couples was cheated of getting the reader to see their full story. That wasn’t the case with TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS. It completely flowed for me with no lagging and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next for the couples in the sequel.

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Circle of Friends – Book 1

Love…or friendship? Does she really have to choose?

Katelyn Rosewood is facing a moral dilemma, one that’s six-foot-two, sexy as sin—and her fiancé’s best friend. Katie spent a lot of time getting over Tyler Bonnard, but now that he’s back in Sydney, he’s turning her carefully reconstructed world upside down.

Her relationship with Steve Sommers may be short on heat and desire, but after Tyler left her two years before, she’ll take security and solid friendship over wild passion any day. Except Tyler seems to have a good—if outrageous—explanation for why he’s returned.

After a tragic family secret tore him out of Katie’s life, Tyler is glad to be back with his two best friends. But one thing is out of place: Katie’s in the wrong man’s arms. And if her reaction to his return is any indication, she’s not quite over him. Which could mean hope for Tyler, heartbreak for Steve…

And another devastating loss for Katie, who must choose between the man to whom she’s committed her future, and the man who still holds her heart.

Warning: Keep a tissue or two handy while reading this book. While it does contain a few steamy love scenes, the rest of the story might just make you cry.

Good morning Fatin, and once again, let me say thank you for inviting me to blog over at your place. J

I’m staring bleakly at the skeletal remains of what was once a remote controlled helicopter. This is not the first toy to have met such an awful fate. Nope, not by a long shot. The explanation of this terrible tragedy: Luigi!

Anyone else have a dog?

Luigi is little. About the size of a beagle. Well okay, he is half beagle so that would explain it. He’s also half pug. And he is about the most handsome dog you’ve ever seen — if you’re one of those who likes the squashed boxer dog look. We bought Luigi after we’d seen him in a pet shop window. For the kids and I it was love at first sight. It took hubby a little longer to come round. But when he wavered, just for a second, we got in there and begged and pleaded until DH finally said yes. Hours later, we had a dog.

Thing is, no one warned us the dog came with a dash of devil in him. Perhaps more than a dash. Perhaps more like half.

The first few days were fine. Luigi did sweet puppy things that we all thought were adorable. Then shoes began to go missing. And caps. Lots of them. Washing mysteriously disappeared from the laundry and letters vanished from the pile of post. Suspicious, but still sweet. We knew he was the culprit—how could we not? His basket was littered with the destroyed remains of the missing items. But how could we get angry?

Plastic plates and cups went next, along with any food anywhere near the plates. And food nowhere near the plates. In fact any food not stored in the fridge or pantry vanished. Pot plants began to die at an alarming rate. From there, the trouble mounted.

Luigi ate two of his plush, beautiful baskets. He tucked into the two armchairs in the playroom where he sleeps. Destroyed them both. In their entirety. The beautiful Persian and Turkish rugs scattered throughout the house? Well, everyday we find bits more of them scattered around the house. The coffee table in the playroom? Splintered! It was when Luigi started in on the newly built staircase banister, that DH put his foot down. Luigi had to be trained.

I tried. Honestly I did. Alas, he failed two training schools. The first one, a private dog trainer came to the house. She cost a fortune, and Luigi did learn one fantastic trick. He will not touch food you’re offering him if you tell him to leave it. But that’s all he learned. Try telling him to leave the couch he’s in the process of devouring. Ha! The second training school was more formal. Big classes of dogs and owners. I knew I was doomed when the trainer kept giving me pitying glances and saying sweetly, “Yes dear, I can see you have your hands full.”

It’s been a year now, and we still have Luigi. It’s the damn devil we’re trying to get rid of. He still tucks into toys and hats and pieces of furniture when we’re not being vigilant. But the episodes are becoming fewer and fewer. One a week as opposed to ten a day. He now responds beautifully when I tell him, “sit” or “down”, but he still hasn’t mastered the command of: “Leave the *&^%ing furniture alone.”

Still, I now have to explain to my little one that, once again, one of his toys has fallen victim to his beloved dog. Sigh. Off to face the wrath of the child and the guilt of the dog.

Wish me luck…


Only Tyler — Now available



*****Leave a comment for the chance to win a book from Jess’ backlist! Winner’s choice! Good luck! 🙂

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In the three years since Project Dawn disbanded, the members of a special squad continue to fight the good fight. Now civilians, their squad–Circe’s Recruits–works for a private organization bent on cleaning up the mess left in its wake. Pearson Labs continues to create Circs, people who have been genetically changed. When needed, these Circs take on an altered form neither man nor animal, but something in between. Unlike Circe’s Recruits, the Circs coming out of Pearson Labs aren’t sane.

Circe’s Recruits: Roane

Pearson Labs’ Circs aren’t sane… except for Caitlyn Chase, a female Roane can’t get out of his mind.As Caitlyn matures into the female Circ she was meant to be, she sets in motion a chain of events that will forever alter her future and those of Circe’s Recruits. In the process, she’ll fall in lust, in love, and in danger as she finally finds out who she really is. Only with Roane and her newfound friends can she hope to keep the PPA at bay while they crush an agenda that may spell the end of them all.

Circe’s Recruits: Zack & Ace

Zack and Ace have been dancing around their “just friends” relationship for years. Being Circ means unavoidable intimacy when the mating heat strikes, and it’s putting a strain on their friendship. They’re finally nearing an understanding about what they truly mean to each other when they’re stunned by Kelly, the woman they’ve been lusting after for years. Suddenly she’s available to both in a way she’s never been before. Lust and love confuse the issue, until wounded emotions pull the threesome apart and Kelly is captured by the enemy. Can Zack and Ace come to grips with their differences in time to save Kelly, or will their difficulties lose them the loves of their lives?

Warning: These books contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, domination, male/male sexual practices, ménage, multiple partners, sex while in shifted form, violence.

Link to purchase here.

There are no original ideas.

I’ve written tons of notes about stories I one day plan to write, only to see my ideas already in print in another author’s book. Romance centers around love. How many ways can you write about two people falling in love? A ton, if you judge the books in any given bookstore. And if you think about it, how many ways are there to write about anything? A million, and then some. Take for example the topic of vampires. People have been writing about those particular undead since before Bram Stoker. Today we read novels from Ann Rice, Brian Lumley, and J.R. Ward, to name a few. And in each instance, the vampire is treated differently. Same basic idea treated in very different ways.

The idea of supersoldiers is not new. Government conspiracies, television shows and movies have explored the idea of the ultimate soldier. Even back in college and after, I loved romances. So when I served in the Marine Corps, the idea of a book based on super soldiers (falling in love) was a sound one. Now fast forward ten years later. There are already several books out there about military men and women, as well as supersoldiers in danger and falling in love.

But my Circe’s Recruits have been an ongoing project for some time. The idea was there. A few notes. Then a chapter. Setting the story in Cape May, where my family has vacationed or years. But I had other projects ongoing. No time to get to my idea… until a proposal I sent to Loose Id was welcomed with open arms. Having experienced the hard work in writing a series before, I decided to commit myself to this four book series with all due attention.

Circe’s Recruits: Roane was born and released in Nov, 2008. Circe’s Recruits: Zack & Ace, recently released from Loose Id this month. I’m happy to say I’ve completed the third book, CR: Derrick, and am beginning book four, about Hale. Each story stands on its own, with a broad story arc that starts in CR: Roane and will end in CR: Hale. My supersoldiers are Circs–men who change into Hulk-like beasts. They go through a mating heat a few times each month, when only another Circ can satisfy them. The stories are not sweet romances. They are at turns carnal, emotional, and downright fun. Fast and furious, the pacing moves. There’s no time for characters to sit staring into one another’s eyes. The protagonists in each novel have danger to overcome. But I’m a sucker for a happy ending, and I won’t be satisfied until each member of Circe’s Recruits finds love.

I’m giving away two copies of my books, one Circe’s Recruits: Roane, and one Circe’s Recruits: Zack & Ace. Like I said, each book stands alone, so you don’t have to read book one to understand book two. If you’d like to read more about my recruits, take a look at my website, at www.marieharte.com.

Thanks, Fatin, for the opportunity to post today. And thanks to everyone for stopping by!!


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