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Kat Petroski has a weakness for swoo. That indescribable charm guys from the wilder side have. Not that falling for it has worked out for her, since she’s a twice-divorced mother of two. So she’s got an early-warning swoo alert. Then Jack Treadwell walks into her life.

Between his motorcycle and his adventure-seeking attitude, Jack has all the trappings she can’t resist and should. Still, is that the real Jack? Something tells her he may be more dentist than biker. But is he father material? Because swoo aside, Kat’s a mom first. And the man who wins her heart must first win over her boys.

Hi, Fatin and fellow bloggers,

Thanks for inviting me to blog with you.

I bet you didn’t know there was going to be a test, but there is! Gasp! (Answer truthfully because there’s a very cool prize at stake.) 😉 Thankfully, there’s only one question:

When did you first learn about the swoo?

Wait. You do know about the swoo, right? This is my heroine, Kat Petroski’s, word for that indefinable special something that connects one man and one woman. In the first “Spotlight on Sentinel Pass” book, BABY BY CONTRACT, Kat and her Wine, Women and Words book club friends, Libby and Jenna, try to explain the definition of swoo to hero Cooper Lindstrom. Here’s the exchange:

Swoo?” Coop repeated, unfamiliar with the word.

Libby and Jenna groaned as Kat answered. “It’s like a spell certain men cast on women that makes us do things we’d never in a million years do – like marry them. My mama said that’s how my daddy got her knocked up, and I seem to be particularly susceptible. I got sideswiped by the swoo twice. And I can tell you have a lot of swoo.”

“It’s called charisma,” Libby clarified for Cooper’s benefit.

“No, Lib. It’s more than that,” Kat insisted. “Charisma wins votes. Swoo gets you laid.”

So, back to the test.

Describe (in as much detail as is R-rated <g>) when you first experienced the power of the swoo?

I’ll start. For me, it was 7th grade. My first kiss. He was a classmate of mine. His name was Dean Monteith. He was sooo cute. I swear he had more than his share of swoo, and I was positive we’d be together forever. Make that FOREVER.

Of course, that didn’t happen. One kiss was enough. I mean, just because a guy’s got swoo doesn’t mean it’s the right swoo for you. If you’re not sure you understand this, read DADDY BY SURPRISE. Kat will explain everything. J

So, give me your swoo stories and I’ll let Fatin pick a winner from those who respond. The prize is a copy from my backlist—or my current release, depending on what you’re missing—and something fun for your feet: a Blue Oak Ayurveda “Candy Cane Rock” foot soak. I gave these to everyone on my Christmas list and I have one left. You—and your feet—will feel so pampered.

So, let’s get your swoo on and start blogging. And please, please check out my new website (www.debrasalonen.com). I’m so excited about how it turned out. It’s still a work-in-progress, though, because I’ve been busy writing Char’s story (FINDING THEIR SON, Sept.) and doing last minute finishing touches on Mac’s story (PICTURE PERFECT MOM, May). And in case you’re wondering, the swoo is definitely part of every story.



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