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When Dr. Melanie Harding comes to rural Maryland to open a veterinarian clinic, she has no intention of buying into the area’s absurd werewolf legends. Until she rescues an ordinary dog shot with a silver bullet, and meets his sexy owner, Major Drew Connell.

A founding member of the Alpha Force on a nearby military base, Drew has developed an elixir that helps werewolves control their shape-shifting abilities. Drew has always tried to keep his distance from the civilian population, but Melanie’s sweet and gentle nature soon wears down his defenses. With the attacks on people and animals in the area mounting, can their fiery attraction withstand their toughest challenge?

Always Romance

I’m really excited about the publication of my latest book ALPHA WOLF.  It’s a January 2009 Silhouette Nocturne.  Not only that, but I have a Nocturne Bites available now, online at the eHarlequin website: CLAWS OF THE LYNX.

They are both paranormal romances.  In fact, protagonists in both of them are members of a super-secret military force, Alpha Force, which is made up primarily of shapeshifters.

For the last couple of years, most of my published fiction has consisted of cozy mysteries in my Kendra Ballantyne, Pet-Sitter mystery series.  I adore Kendra.  She’s an alter ego of mine.  She lives in my neighborhood, she’s a lawyer like I am, and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is named Lexie, like one of mine.

Her mysteries are definitely fun to write, and hopefully fun to read.  Kendra is a murder magnet.  Most of her friends and acquaintances become murder victims or suspects.  She always has crimes to solve.

But she has a rather spotty love life, poor thing.  Although she always has a love interest, her stories are definitely not romances.

I’m delighted to say that I’ve had over 20 novels published.  Most of them have been romances.  And with my Silhouette Nocturnes, Iʼve returned, in some ways, to my roots.  My first published novels were time travel romances–a different form of paranormal story.  I enjoy writing about relationships, and can’t imagine a novel of mine not containing some romantic interest.

It’s therefore quite a kick to have my first Silhouette Nocturnes available.  And the fun, sexy covers are great!  Shapeshifters forever!

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And many thanks to Fatin for inviting me to post here.  This is a great site!

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