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Adele Matin couldn’t wait to put her lonely childhood and hometown behind her. Amid the bright lights and hustle and bustle of New York, she built a life for herself–until one terrible mistake brought it crashing down. Now Adele is running again, this time to a cottage she inherited from her mother in rural Pennsylvania. And she’s about to realize that a small town has more to offer than she ever dreamed.

An artist and woodworker, Jay Westvelt knows a thing or two about living in the country. Adele is intrigued by her mysterious and sexy green-eyed neighbor, a man who took care of her house and soon cares deeply for her. But even as Adele’s heart begins to soften toward him, secrets from her mother’s past threaten to send her fleeing back to the city. Can Jay convince her to stay with him?

Only if she can learn an important truth: that happiness begins with SIMPLE WISHES.

Hi fellow bookworms!

I’m Lisa Dale and my first novel ever, Simple Wishes, debuts today!

People have been asking how I planned to celebrate, and I was kicking around some ideas: skydiving, shooting myself from a cannon, running through the streets naked as a publicity stunt (my mom would love that).

But instead of getting arrested for public indecency, I’m here blogging with you. Thanks to Fatin and all the RR@H-ers. Such a pleasure and honor to celebrate with you!

When I wrote Simple Wishes, I never gave a thought to book reviews. So when I got my first ever review I was really nervous. My editor sent it via email and I thought “Oh God. This is it.”

Fortunately, the reviews have been amazingly positive so far (you can read Kay James’s beautiful RR@H review for an example!). http://romancereaderatheart.com/pubsandpromos/2009/jan09/SW_LD.html

Part of the reason I was nervous about the reviews is that Simple Wishes is a book that takes risks. For the longest time, I bought into the idea that genre fiction and literary fiction were opposites. Formally, my training has been in literature. But when I kick back, I pick up romance.

Simple Wishes came from my desire to blend challenging literary insights with a happily-ever-after plot (why shouldn’t we have it both ways?). It’s emotionally intricate, intelligent, and it pushes the envelope of what a romance should and should not do.

The plotline is deeply emotional and the main character—well—she screws up a lot. She finally encounters a strong man who loves her, but she can’t accept his love because of misconceptions rooted in her childhood. She equates love with indebtedness. So she doesn’t just push him away—she shoves. Hard. Lucky for her the hero of Simple Wishes isn’t faint of heart.

The characters demonstrate that a person’s actions are not always directly tied her true, deep-down personality. We all do stupid things. But love transcends our mistakes.

I’d love to hear your thoughts (and give away a free book, of course). Do you read books outside of the romance genre? What kinds? Literary fiction? Thrillers? Is there room to blend between one type and another?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Warm wishes,

Lisa Dale



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