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Signed up for this challenge three months ago. I had high hopes that I could read all 12 books before the challenge ended today but that was not how it happened. Best laid plans and all that jazz. *G*

Here’s what I had posted three months ago to read.

Main List –

  1. UNDERCOVER by Lauren Dane
  2. BE WITH ME by Maya Banks
  3. JUST THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE by Julie James (new-to-me author)
  4. HOT AS HELL by Helenkay Dimon
  5. THE CHOSEN SIN by Anya Bast
  6. PROMISES PREVAIL by Sarah McCarty

Alternate List –

  1. BY THE BOOK by NJ Walters
  2. CAT OF A DIFFERENT COLOR by Dana Marie Bell
  3. NIGHT FALL by Cherry Adair
  4. THE MANE ATTRACTION by Shelly Laurenston
  6. LUCKY CHARM by Carly Phillips

Now this is what I actually did read from the lists.

Main List —

  1. UNDERCOVER by Lauren Dane
  2. BE WITH ME by Maya Banks

Alternate List —

  1. BY THE BOOK by NJ Walters
  2. CAT OF A DIFFERENT COLOR by Dana Marie Bell
  3. THE MANE ATTRACTION by Shelly Laurenston

Not bad, I did read six books in total, was hoping for more but I guess I’ll take these results. *G*

CAT OF A DIFFERENT COLOR by Dana Marie Bell. I’ve read all three e-books in this series and have enjoyed them all. Of the three, Emma’s and Max’s book, WALLFLOWER, was my favorite, followed closely by this one, Adrian’s story. I love how he immediately fell for Sheri as soon as he met her when he kept telling himself he would not follow in Max and Simon’s footsteps and act like they did when Emma and Becky came into their lives. Great chemistry and a perfect addition to this series. Must not be missed.

BY THE BOOK by NJ Walters. I don’t think NJ has ever written a book I have not loved. I found her last year and whipped through most of her books as soon as I found them. I love her Jamesville series and this is book six of the series. This is Jonah Sutter’s book. An ex-military loner, he came back to town to be around his sister and niece and ends up meeting Amanda when her bookstore business handled some work for his sister, Elizabeth. Sparks were flying all over the place the second Jonah and Amanda met and it was such a great read.

THE MANE ATTRACTION by Shelly Laurenston. Book three of her shapeshifter series and another one not to be missed. Had several LOL moments and I remember when I read this, I took it with me to the doctor’s office because one of the girls had a check-up that day. I’ll never forget the looks I kept getting because I kept giggling or chuckling out loud while sitting in waiting room waiting to be called into the room. All I want to say to Shelly is WRITE FASTER, PLEASE! 😉

UNDERCOVER by Lauren Dane. I discovered Lauren and her books sometime last year and she’s fast become one of my all-time favorite authors. I’ve impatiently waited for each of her books to be released ever since. I read UNDERCOVER earlier this month. I loved the concept of Sera, Ash & Brandt together and loved the world Lauren created but…and this is just MY opinion, I felt letdown when I reached the end of the book. While I loved Brandt, it was Sera and Ash who had the past between them. It was Ash who hurt Sera so horribly she never really recovered. It was he who left her to marry someone else per his family’s rules and it was Sera who was left to go on with her life after that. When they met again ten years later, I actually let out a “oh hell, YEAH!” when Sera punched Ash in the face. But then they got together again and things were moving along smoothly except that Sera had a feeling that she’s end up getting hurt again. Even though she thought that, she was still with Ash and Brandt and then Brandt asked her to marry him. I wanted so badly for it to be Ash who did that. For Ash to tell his family to basically F-off and that HE would be the one to marry Sera because he loved her and he wanted to correct the wrong he did so many years before. It just felt like it was the same thing over again, about Sera not being good enough to marry (in the eyes of his family) but good enough to be his mistress. I was very disappointed that he didn’t stand up for her. Overall, I did like the book but had it been the other way around, this would have easily have been one of my Top 10 Reads for 2008. Maybe I’m just too demanding and greedy when it comes to my books? 😉

BE WITH ME by Maya Banks. I probably sound like a broken record but I discovered Maya’s books last year and eagerly hunted down and read everything I could find by her. My first read was COLTERS’ WOMAN and I thought nothing could top that as being my favorite menage book until I read BE WITH ME. It rocked and it’ll be another one of Maya’s books that I’ll go back to many times for rereads whenever the mood strikes.

THE TYCOON’S PREGNANT MISTRESS by Maya Banks. I read this one at the beginning of the month. I love that we can order series books from eHarlequin.com a month in advance. I started this the day my order came in the mail and was finished with it before the night was over. I absolutely loved it. It was such an emotional read. Once I finished it, I immediately flipped through it rereading my favorite parts. Word of warning, make sure you have tissues handy when reading this one. You will need them. *G*

If you signed up for this challenge, how did you do?

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