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When Rachel loses her Hollywood dream job, a trip home for Christmas seems like a good idea. But she never expects to find a hunk from her past waiting under the mistletoe.

Red-hot stylist-to-the-stars Rachel Porter has it all. Well, sort of. Her luxury beach house is actually a loaner from her #1 client. And her cute Tesla Roadster? Well, that’s just another job perk … hers to keep, right? But when Rachel catches her #1 client in bed with her boyfriend, she exacts her revenge by tricking her turncoat “frenemy” into committing fashion suicide on the red carpet-and promptly finds herself out of a job. And her house. Her car. Her life. With nowhere to turn, Rachel does the unthinkable: she goes home to Kismet, Michigan.

For Reno Wright, picking up his neighbor’s daughter from the airport for a holiday visit sounds like no big deal. But from the moment he spies Rachel in the airport, Reno knows he’s in over his head. The girl Reno remembers from high school looks nothing like the glammed-out man-killer who walks off the plane. But for all her attitude, Rachel is really just a small-town girl with a heart too big for Hollywood. The temperature may be freezing, but the heat between Rachel and Reno is burning hot. Reno is falling hard fast … but will his holiday romance survive once the calendar turns?


With apologies to Beck, most of us aren’t very up front about our failures. Or about our fears of failing sometime in the future. Or about our memories of having failed sometime in the past. We cry, complain, or obsessively scrub the floor. We blame someone else or
ignore the issue altogether. We eat too many chocolate chip cookies.

We don’t try in the first place. That one is truly a shame.

I’m as guilty of these attempts to sidestep failure (and its evil sidekicks, fear and regret) as anyone else. Well, okay. I take that back. Not the floor-scrubbing thing. I don’t get cleaning as a fun diversionary tactic. I want diversion from cleaning, not cleaning as a diversion. Because let’s face it: If we were meant to enjoy cleaning, iPods would have never been invented to distract us. I would have never been caught trying to “shake it like a Polaroid picture” as instructed by André 3000, instead of vacuuming.
But I digress…

Failure hits everyone eventually, and the heroine of my current book, Home for the Holidays, is no exception. Rachel Porter, a Hollywood stylist-to-the-stars, fails in spectacular (and very public) fashion…and all she wants to do after disaster strikes is hide until the whole mess blows over. Unfortunately, fate has something else in mind for Rachel, and it doesn’t involve crying,
scrubbing, or chocolate chip cookies. It involves a hunky former pro-football player, a snowy Midwestern small town at Christmastime, a cadre of family, friends, and neighbors, and a windup to the holidays that will eventually change everything Rachel believes in. Sure, she suffers some bumps along the way. She resists and fights back and struggles in her own unique way. But she
also finds exactly what she needs in the end. And isn’t that what life is all about anyway?

I’ve decided that failure isn’t there to scare us, punish us, or make us freeze in our tracks with a lifetime’s untried challenges piling up at our feet. Failure is there to teach us. And even though its lessons aren’t fun, they’re necessary. They stick. They
stick like crazy. In fact, they’re pretty much the Crazy Glue of life. I can’t say I’ve loved my failures, but I’m grateful for them. Because they set me on the path I’m on today…and I absolutely love it!

So… When it all gets to be too much and YOU’RE having trouble coping, how do you handle it? Are you a cryer, a complainer, a snacker, a cleaner? Are you a to-do-list maker, a confider, a denier, a gambler? Come on…let’s dish!

Lisa 🙂

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lisa_plumleyLisa Plumley is the USA Today bestselling author of more than two dozen contemporary and historical romances. Her 2007 release, Let’s Misbehave, was named one of Booklist magazine’s Top Ten Romances of 2007, earned a 4-1/2 star Top Pick! rating from Romantic Times, and was a finalist for the Booksellers Best Award in the mainstream/single title category. She’s excited to have two new books on the shelves right now: Home for the Holidays (Zebra) and Hallowe’en Husbands (Harlequin Historicals). You can find her on MySpace or Facebook, drop by her blog or visit her Web site to read first-chapter excerpts from any of her books, sign up for new-book reminder e-mails, download her reader newsletter, and more!

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