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Joshua Saxon, the arrogant millionaire who ran New Zealand’s premier winery, believed Alyssa Blake had been his late brother’s mistress. But the true connection between Alyssa and the Saxons was even more shocking.

From the first moment they met, both Alyssa and Joshua had been shaken by a passion that could not be denied. But what could the future hold for a man and woman with so many secrets and lies between them…?


The white-hot desire for venganza— revenge—had driven Rafaelo Carreras, Marques de Las Carreras, for years. Now, at last, the ruthless Spanish aristocrat had come to New Zealand, to take what was rightfully his from the wealthy, powerful, hated Saxon family. Seducing Caitlyn Ross, the Saxons’ beautiful young winemaker, was child’s play for a man like him—and the perfect way to get what he wanted. But as he came to know this woman, to taste her beguiling blend of inocencia and pasión, he wondered if he was the one being seduced.…

SAXON BRIDES by Tessa Radley

Who will be lucky enough to tame and wed a Saxon heir?


“Tessa Radley’s Mistaken Mistress (4 1/2) is dramatic, sensual and very well plotted. An excellent read.”

Catherine Witmer, Romantic Times

“In the end, I was carried away by the way this author filled the pages with what felt like a much longer story than it actually was. She wasted no space and told a compelling tale about finding oneself, even in the midst of turmoil.”

Kay James, RR@H


“Tessa Radley uses a woman’s agonizing secret and a man’s justifiable anger as the jumping-off point for this well-written and sensitive story of redemption in Spaniard’s Seduction.”

Pat Cooper,

Romantic Times

Thanks so much for inviting me to blog about my new series, THE SAXON BRIDES set at the successful family-run winery of Saxon’s Folly.

It was wonderful to be able to write a back-to-back series for Silhouette Desire with books out in October (MISTAKEN MISTRESS) and November (SPANIARD’S SEDUCTION) and December (PREGNANCY PROPOSAL).

I’ve always enjoyed reading series where the books are linked through brothers or sisters. So while I knew that the series would be about three brothers, the family ties became a lot more complicated once I started asking the What If questions. There was a sister…then an illegitimate brother came along…and suddenly it wasn’t such a straightforward series about three brothers…

MISTAKEN MISTRESS is Joshua Saxon’s story. Journalist Alyssa Blake comes to Saxon’s Folly on a quest. But when she meets Joshua, the CEO of Saxon’s Folly, there’s instant conflict between them. And Joshua has plenty of reason to distrust Alyssa’s motives.

SPANIARD’S SEDUCTION introduces Rafaelo Carreras who I absolutely loved getting to know. He was complex and interesting and I adore Spanish men, so I had a great deal of fun setting him up with Caitlyn Ross, the loyal winemaker who fears that Rafaelo will destroy the Saxon family.

PREGNANCY PROPOSAL is Heath and Amy’s story. I felt such sympathy for Amy in the first book that I couldn’t let her not find happiness.

For those readers who have been emailing me to find out what happened to Megan Saxon…don’t worry. Megan meets her match in THE UNTAMED SHEIK in 2009.

I had a lot of fun writing the series. Lots of research. That meant reading and traveling and visiting vineyards—some of my favorite pastimes in life. I set the first three books in the Hawkes Bay which is a stunningly beautiful part of New Zealand. I have to admit at that crucial What If moment I did consider other parts of the world. The Loire Valley. The Barossa in Australia. The Napa Valley. But in the end I decided on the Hawkes Bay because it’s an area I know well and I wanted to share that special place with the rest of you.

So what’s your favorite series ever? I’ll randomly draw one person from the comments and send the winner a copy of MISTAKEN MISTRESS.

Happy reading!


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