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Sun Stroked.

Sometimes I sit at the computer and my stories just flow effortlessly from my fingertips, other times I struggle from one word to the next, not because I don’t know what I want to write, but because the story is difficult to get down on paper, and can tug at me emotionally.

Sun Stroked was one of those stories. I wanted to keep the book sexy, flirty and fun along the same lines as The Hotline, but after I figured out my characters, I knew that would be a difficult task.

My heroes are injured soldiers who are fighting deep-rooted demon. With a set up like that, how the heck could I keep them light?

With my deadline looming, I pushed on through the book, one page at a time, trying to strike a delicate balance between sexy, flirty, and emotional. It was challenging to say the least.

When I finished the book, (just before Christmas last year) I was exhausted, and completely drained. I don’t even think I spoke to anyone for days as I decompressed. After that story, I thought I could never write again, that book took the good right out of me. And I was certain that everyone was going to hate it. Of course, I was way too close to the story at that time and really needed to stand back and look at it with a reader’s eye. My critique partner read it and she loved it, and she told me that those hard books always end up being my best work.

So after I passed it in, and found out my editor loved it, I started to feel better. Then I wanted for the reviews, chewing my nails and worrying!!

Then when this review from Cheryl McInnis at Romance Junkies came in I cried.

“SUN STROKED is a collection of three steamy stories sure to bring your blood to a boil on a cold winter’s night.  Danielle, Lauren and Abby are just average women who happen to have a secret fantasy and the privacy of the “O” Spa, along with the company of some very hot soldiers, gives the women the opportunity to let themselves go wild for once in their lives.  Cathryn Fox does an amazing job of bringing her characters, with all their foibles and insecurities, to life with imagination and humor.  SUN STROKED is a delightful read, sometimes sexy, sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking… but always satisfying.  It’s a perfect book to pick up for yourself this winter and savor with a mug of decadent hot chocolate!”

When I read the line, Sun Stroked is a delightful read, sometimes sexy, sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, I was elated, and tears of relief poured down my face. Those were the three elements I strived for, and was so thrilled to hear that the book came across the way I wanted it too! The reviews and feedback completely reenergized me and now I’m excited and ready to dig into my next novel!


Welcome to the “O Spa” an exclusive island resort where legend has it a magical elixir can turn your wildest fantasies into a delicious reality…

Danielle, Lauren, and Abby have come to this secluded island paradise for a fling, not realizing the spa has a rehabilitation center for injured soldiers—or that their boldest desires are about to be realized…

Interior designer Danielle Carrigan has never told anyone about her desire to be dominated in the bedroom. But after a Sensual Soak with gorgeous weapons’ expert Ethan Sharpe, something tells her that the hardcore military man will be happy to satisfy her yearning…

Used to men fixating on her killer body, Lauren Sampson is thrilled that the stud she encounters by The Pleasure Pool—who’s been visually impaired by an injury—is more interested in what’s beneath the surface. But while Captain Ryan Thomas’s erotic touch fulfills her secret desires, will he also indulge her heart’s desire?

Abby Benton is about to be engaged, but when she is rescued by sniper Cody Lannon and he takes her to The Sunset Sauna, she finds herself tempted by the intensity of his passion. Can the handsome lieutenant teach her about the fiery nature of true love?

Click to read and Excerpt.

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