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Three men. One woman.

Hutch Bishop, Cam Douglas, and Sawyer Pritchard were juvenile delinquents with a reckless and wildly sexy side. But they had more in common than that. They had Regina Fallon, a wealthy but lonely girl from the right side of the tracks who formed an unusual friendship with the boys. She felt protected. She felt needed. She felt loved… for the first time in her life. By all three.

So much closer than just friends.

Today, she’s a police officer, dedicated to her badge, and wary of reigniting her relationship with the hot trio after one night of passion left her confused—and stunned—by what they wanted from her. But when a mysterious attempt is made on her life, Hutch, Cam, and Sawyer jump in to protect her again. Now, Regina and her three lovers are forming an all-new bond. It’s more exciting, more intense, and—as a killer looms in the shadows—more dangerous than ever before.

Today is release day for me. Be With Me is “officially” available from Berkley HEAT, though readers have been emailing me for the last week and a half to let me know they’ve spotted it on shelves. But that’s not what I want to talk about today. I have books on the brain. Okay, when don’t I? (and I mean other authors’ books *g*)

The thing is, I’m first and foremost a reader. Lots of authors are readers, don’t get me wrong, but I approach even writing as a reader. I think like a reader and so I write like a reader. Confusing huh.

As Fatin and Ali know, I’ve been on one hell of a book buying binge over the last month. We love to dish books and we’ve been very, very bad at enabling each other’s book buying sprees.

One thing I’ve noticed, however, is that I more enjoy the “older” releases from some of my favorite authors. It’s not just a case here and there, but I find that in almost all instances, I gravitate toward the first books written by the authors and I’m less enthusiastic about the more recent ones. Not sure why, especially since the logical progression is for an author to improve with time.

The books that I hear a lot of readers complain about, the old “bodice rippers” grrrr and the “politically incorrect” novels of yesteryear are the books I love the most. I dunno, a lot of books these days seem watered down. Or maybe it’s just me being odd. Whatever the case, I enjoy those books that are way back in the backlist, those books that get the one and two star reviews at Amazon as readers howl about how horridly “out of date” the storylines are.

Me? I love em. I’ve spent a hella lot of money on used books that are out of print, most of them dating back to the late 80s through the late 90s.

And don’t even get me started on how much I adore Harlequin Presents and Silhouette Desires. *g*

So what books do you love to go back to and reread when the mood strikes?

****Leave a comment for the chance to win a copy of BE WITH ME. I have two copies to give away. Good luck! 🙂

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