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Give us your best HEX!

A Fan Fiction Contest with Linda Wisdom

Ever wondered why Jazz and Nick argue so much? Have you imagined a hilarious scenario with Irma? And I’m sure you’ve thought up a ton of escapades with Fluff and Puff! Why not write your very own Hex Fan Fiction piece?

Linda Wisdom and Sourcebooks Casablanca are pleased to present and exciting contest—Tell us your own short story starring the characters from 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover and October 1 release, Hex Appeal!

Rules (follow them or we might kick you out of the Witches Academy!)

1. Choose any character you like and give them an original story!

2. 1500 words maximum, sent in a Word Document or in the body of the email

Erotica is ok, but nothing too scary (no bestiality, necrophilia, pedophilia; no slander of public people; no black magic; no Wiccan or black magic spells, cursing in the regular sense is okay—we just want to have as much fun as possible!).

3. Send your story to Linda’s publicist, Danielle Jackson, at danielle.jackson@sourcebooks.com, no later than 5:00pm CST on October 25, 2008. (All stories submitted will become the property of Sourcebooks, Inc. to avoid copyright complications. Please email Danielle with any questions about this.)

4. The Winner, chosen by Linda, will be announced on her Myspace page the morning of Halloween!

So what do you get if you win? 2 runners up with received autographed copies of the first two books in the series, 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover and Hex Appeal.

The Grand Prize Winner will also receive the autographed copies, AND the winner’s name will be used as a character in the fourth book in Linda’s Hexy series, out in October 2009!

We look forward to your stories! Good Luck!

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Happy Friday, Everyone!

This is my first time blogging here at RR@H Novel Thoughts and Book Talk! I’m thrilled to be here!

Today I’m going to touch on the subject of futuristic romance and fantasy romance. I’ve had three new releases since August, and the first two were fantasy romances, while the third one is a science fiction/futuristic.

I write in a variety of sub genres of romance, but I have to say that Futuristic romances and fantasy romances are so much fun simply because of the creative freedom. I can really let my imagination run wild as anything goes as long as it adheres to the world building facts that you’ve established in your book. Never break a rule that you’ve written into your world building, and obviously, make the scenarios as believable as possible even if you are throwing in a bit of magic.

I also grew up loving science fiction and fantasy movies. Stars Wars and movies like Willow come to mind. There were so many that I loved I won’t bore you and list them all here.

The world has changed. Ten years ago, Earth nearly crumbled beneath the might of an intergalactic War. Their Enemy fought them with their destructive psychokinetic powers. Only a band of extraordinary humans stood in their path. They were known as the Gemini Order. Led by Shylah McKay, they saved Earth from ruination.

Now, Shylah McKay and her kind are being persecuted for the very talents that saved Earth. But Shylah’s a mover and a shaker, and with her lover Grayson by her side, she’ll go to the ends of the Earth and beyond to fight for her people.

Do Or Die is a futuristic set in a turbulent world. Nothing is as it seems to be and mysterious and dangerous figures lurking in the shadows abound. If you like to be on the edge of your seat Do Or Die will interest you. Creating the characters and the worlds in this book flowed freely and in time the characters sort of drove the stories. I swear they were telling me what happened next! 😉 Susan Barton from Romance Reader at Heart just gave it a top rated rose, you can read the full review here on RR@H website. She refers to my hero and heroine as a Bogey and Bacall pairing. Thank you again, Susan!

Annabelle Hawthorne-Morton is a beauty with a mysterious past—Lord Malachi Hawthorne is the beast that will touch her heart—she will heal his tortured soul and he will bring the light back into her dark world.

Annabelle Hawthorne Morton hails from an ancient mystical line—even though she herself has not been endowed with the mark of magic that the magic-kind of Thaliana are born with. Despite this, she aspires for magical greatness, and while performing a spell the enchantment backfires in her face, robbing her of half her sight. But it doesn’t take her long to realize that within a few months she will be completely blind. When her father enrages the local lord and he’s imprisoned for his crimes, Annabelle must muster her courage and save her father from the beast’s wrath.

Lord Malachi Hawthorne, Earl of Markham has been horribly disfigured during a magical battle. His sister betrayed him—and now her curse has put him into his own living hell. Believing that the outside world will revile him for his monstrous appearance, he retreats to his enchanted castle. He is determined to make Annabelle’s father his indentured servant, until he meets Annabelle. He quickly decides that she is the one that might finally set him free from his living hell, and knows he must have her as his own.

Enchanted Beauty is a new take on the classic Beauty and the Beast Fairytale. I’ve added some new twists and turns and reworked the classic into my own what if story…

A relationship between a dragon shifter and a wizard was unheard of—and certainly frowned upon. Yet, Grania found Dylan nearly irresistible, feared, knew, if he ever touched her she’d never be able to control the mating fire.

With Dragonia torn by civil war and the rebels winning the fight, it was only a matter of time before the dragon shifters focused on earth in their determination to take back what mankind had taken from them centuries before. The wizard Dylan Lightfoot was their only hope, the only one capable of conjuring the spell they needed to defeat the rebels, and it was Grania’s duty to defend him at whatever cost.

She hadn’t suspected what it would cost her, though, would never have believed she would find her soul mate to be a wizard, not one of her kind.

Dragon’s Heart is about a heroine who just happens to be a dragon shifter. She’s not half dragon, she’s full human, but she can shift into a dragon at will. The hero is a very sarcastic but kindhearted wizard, who’s the key to defending Earth from the rebel group of dragon shifters that threaten to invade our world.

Like many, the unknown and what if scenarios that writers get to explore so freely in fantasy and science fiction fascinate me.

I would love to hear from readers telling me about some of their favorite Science Fiction and Fantasy movies or television shows.

I’ll keep this short and sweet, and bow out before I drone on too long. I’d like to thank Fatin for having me here today, and invite everyone to check out my latest releases and the book trailers listed at the end of this post. I also have a newsletter group if anyone is interested in hearing more from me.

Thanks again!

*****Leave a comment for the chance to win a download of a book from Marly’s backlist! Good luck!

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